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Are you looking to sell but are concerned you won’t get a good price for your property? Don’t worry, as here at Home House Buyers, we buy any house.

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Here To Provide Quick House Sales in Newcastle

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a slow property market. Oftentimes when working with an estate agent, you’ll find your property sits on the market for months on end. All that time spent waiting for even one serious offer, and the whole time you’re racking up fees. There is a better way, and at Home House Buyerswe buy any house Newcastle has to offer. We offer a quick turnaround, so you can sell up and move on in weeks rather than months.

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Concerned about your property? We buy any house, Newcastle residents 

It’s an all-too-common prospect where homeowners find themselves in a position where they need to liquidate their assets to free up cash. You might be looking to downsize and may need to offload your property for any number of reasons, such as:

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What if the property is not in the best condition?

We buy any house Newcastle has to offer, regardless of condition, age, location, size, etc. Simply reach out to us and provide us with some details. We’ll give you an initial offer within 24 hours. If you’re interested, we’ll visit the property and provide you with a definitive offer.

If you accept our offer, we’ll get you to sign any relevant paperwork, and then the process begins. To ensure quick house sales in Newcastle, we instruct solicitors and organise surveys and EPCs. You won’t be charged for any of this as we cover all your fees. We also don’t charge any fees of our own. We work quickly, ensuring everything is good to go within just 14 days.

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Cash Buyers in Newcastle

You can request an extension if you like, but know that once you’re ready to go, simply hand us the keys, and we’ll transfer you the money. As mentioned above, we’re reliable cash buyers in Newcastle, meaning we always have the full amount on hand to complete the sale. We’ll also never try to hammer down our offer at the last minute.

And remember, we buy any house Newcastle residents! So, call Home House Buyers now to get started.

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What makes us the top cash buyers in Newcastle?

What makes us the top choice for selling your property is that we offer a personalised service that’s entirely bespoke to your requirements. You’ll be looked after by our highly trained property experts who leverage their years of experience to provide you with first-class service. We mean it when we say we buy any house, Newcastle residents. And we always offer exceptional cash prices that cannot be beaten.

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    With Home House Buyers, you won’t be kept waiting around for months while you rack up fees. We provide a guaranteed initial cash offer within 24 hours and a definitive offer following a closer inspection of the property. And once we begin, we’ll be ready to complete the sale of your property within 14 days.

    So, for an outstanding cash offer, a completion date to suit you, and expert sales advice from a team that takes care of all the heavy lifting, give us a call.

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    We buy any house Newcastle has to offer, and we also buy other properties, from small apartments to commercial properties. To find out more, call Home House Buyers today on 08006121366, email us at [email protected] or plug your postcode into the contact form on our website.

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