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We Buy Any House Anywhere

We Buy Any House Anywhere


Our ethos here at Home House Buyers is that we buy any house anywhere in the England and Wales. Having been in the quick house sale industry for many years we have come across all kinds of houses in various location and in all kinds of conditions.

As a vendor looking to sell your property fast, all you want is for your house to sell quickly with out any delays, where you achieve a price which you are happy with this is what Home House Buyers provide with our we buy any house anywhere service.

Fast house sales are the dream scenario for any seller, no body like delays, complications or to be messed around during a sale.

If you are looking to sell your house fast then why not check out our Housing Market Predictions for 2017, this will guide you to how best sell your home in 2017.

The property market around the UK varies in terms of which areas sell the fastest, in some areas of each city across the UK the property market is more buoyant and your house will sell fast and in some areas you wont achieve a quick house sale.For example if you are based in Bristol you can expect to sell house fast, where as if you are based in Liverpool you wont achieve a quick house sale, the average timescale in Liverpool is around 9-12 months. When selling in this area you need to set your asking price to be competitive.

We Buy Any House Hotspots

According to research the top property hotspots are London and Croydon where property prices have increased dramatically in recent years, these areas have also seen a sharp rise in the time it takes to sell the property. In Croydon and now in London it takes 25% longer to sell your property than it did 4 years ago.

The UK average to sell your property is around 90 days. Portsmouth, Derby and Southend were 4 of the quickest selling location for houses where it takes fewer than 68 days to sell.

Newcastle, Hull and Belfast have the most frustrated sellers with houses not achieving a sale for 96 days.

Selling Tips To Speed Up The Process

In an ideal world every sale should be sold as fast as lightening but we don’t live in an ideal world and not every sale moves along at lightening speed. However you can do thing to help speed up the process.

When marketing your property you need to make sure its done in the right way. You need to make sure the agent you go with uses all the house selling portals and uses good quality photos. When it comes to deciding what price to go on the market for, take what ever the estate agents say with a pinch of salt, it cost you nothing to do your own research have a look to see what your type of house is selling for in your area. To sell your house fast you must price your house competitively.

Fingers crossed you agree a sale, make sure you keep in contact with your estate agent and solicitor to push the sale through.

If your property is in Bristol or Brighton the research suggests that you’re going to have more of a chance to sell house fast than you are if you trying to achieve a quick house sale in Liverpool or Warrington. If you present your property right and you put it on for a realistic price you should achieve a quicker sale no matter what area you are in. If you are struggling to sell call us at Home House Buyers and try our we buy any house service.

Condition Of Properties We Buy

Here at Home House Buyers we buy any house, flat, Bungalow in any condition or location across the UK whether you live in Liverpool, Warrington or London we will buy your house fast.


IF you decide to sell your house to us we will PAY ALL OF THE FEES so the offer you receive is the money you will get no hidden costs.


Our we buy any house anywhere service can complete any transaction within 10-14 days from accepting our offer, call 0800 612 1366 to receive a no obligation cash offer.

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