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The cost of moving house has gone up

The cost of moving house has gone up

The cost of moving house has gone up.

House owners are stumping up almost £12,000 in additional fees to sell their home. These fees include estate agents, solicitors, removal companies as these prices have gone up 60% over the past decade. This is forcing more and more people to question whether it’s actually a viable option to sell their house on the open market.

Back in 2004 it cost a little over £7000 on average to move however, figures now state that in 2015 these costs have spiralled up to nearly £12000.

According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, they have found that most of those selling their homes massively overestimated the costs to actually move.

London still remains the most expensive place in the UK to move costing close to £28000 on average for a single move.

There is a solution to the spiraling costs of the traditional sale route. Home House Buyers can offer you a quick house sale on your property and pay all the fees, saving you up to £28000. We pay all solicitors fees, survey costs and you also avoid paying a hefty estate agent bill.

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