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Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs, the most important thing to say is that it’s imperative that you get a professional to do the works.

Structural repairs are a result of a change in the environment such as subsidence or regular flooding where the mortar/brickwork has cracked and failed as a result of ground movement. When this occurs it makes the building unstable which weakens the foundations and moves the walls out of position. This doesn’t bother us at Home House Buyers as we look to buy and property in any condition on a quick sale basis.

The reason it’s important to carry out the structural repairs, as you can imagine the longer you leave it the larger the risk to you and your property. Don’t be tempted to scrimp on the cost of these works as professionals don’t come cheap. Here at Home House Buyers we can take this problem away and purchase your property for cash, so you can have the quick sale you were looking for.

There are various different ways to deal with your structural repairs:

Crack stitching

Crack stitching is exactly what it sounds like, the process is carried out with steel reinforced rods that are chemically bonded into the bed joints to stitch together the crack within your property which stabilises the structure of your property. These joints are cut out with specialist equipment and then the cracks stitched together to prevent any more movement.

Timber Repairs

The common problem with timber repairs is that is usually damp penetrating the wood which leads to wet rot or dry rot. When either dry or wet rot occurs the process to rectify the problem is usually extensive, this leads to floors, walls and ceilings which have to be taken down to get to the timber frame. Once these are exposed the treatment which is carried out are the usually the traditional methods such as repairs to splice joints or bolt on unsightly steel plates or side splice.

Cavity Wall Ties

Cavity wall ties are commonly made of metal coated in bitumen or zinc and are used in specific structural repairs. These are used to hold together a cavity wall system of two separate walls as well as reduce the heat loss from any property.

All these structural repairs don’t put us off purchasing your property, here at Home House Buyers we buy any property in any condition or location we can make that quick sale happen for you.

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