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Stopping Repossession

Stopping Repossession

Stopping Repossession

We speak to many people struggling with their finances and also those that are asking for help to with stopping repossession. With the Council of Mortgage Lenders warning that interest rates will rise and homebuyers should be looking to ‘keep an eye on the future’. Although repossession figures are currently at a low since 2006 there is bound to be a spike in interest rates which will no doubt force many people to struggle to keep up with mortgages.

We speak to many vendors currently who are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payment and due to this, they are bordering on repossession. Most people think there is no way out of the situation, but here at Home House Buyers we say there is.  Depending on which lender is trying to repossess your property depends on how lenient they are with taking ownership. Some will allow you to set up a payment plan in order to settle the debt, however, some lenders will just try and take ownership as soon as they can.

Home House Buyers are cash house buyers so we can complete on your property within a week and can give you help when stopping repossession. Our team of trained solicitors will stop the repossession on the day and we pay all the fees allowing you to start a new chapter of your life but debt free.

Getting repossessed should be the last resort as not only will you more than likely have to pay the fees to sell your former property but it will also massively affect your credit and the chance of obtaining any credit in the future.

Home House Buyers have over 20 years experience in help stopping repossession as we are quick home buyers  and we can complete in a timescale to suit you. Try our stop repossession service by contacting a member of our team on 0800 612 1366 or alternatively you can EmailUs






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