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Do you need to stop repossession today? We here at Home House buyers are specialists dealing with repossession and will have a solution to help you with your financial problems.

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Facing repossession can be a very stressful time and it can seem that you are left with few options but to hand over the keys. This can be the worst possible decision and in most instances there is still hope for you to save your home.

Falling behind with your bills isn’t uncommon. For many people losing your job and not having any income for a few months could push most of our heads under water.

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The most important factor when dealing with repossession is TIME, don’t leave it too late. Most of the time when you are needing to Stop Repossession Today there will still be time to try and stop the proceeding.

If you have a repossession looming, then what are you the consequences if you decide to hand over the keys to the receivers? We always advise against this where possible as the effects can be quite severe. Besides losing your home, your credit is seriously affected and in some instances it can jeopardise you obtaining any credit in the foreseeable future.

Our Process

So what is the process? Well in most circumstances after six months of non-payment then the lender will look to begin repossession proceeding. You will then have a court date to try and set up payment arrangements. If these arrangements are not met then they will probably try and set a date to change the locks and take ownership. This isn’s industry standard as some lenders are more aggressive than others. In some instances when your property is sold and the outstanding balance isn’t met, then sometimes it can be transferred to you as a personal debt.

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    Here at Home House Buyers we can help you to stop repossession today and to cover all of your fees involved with the process. We have trained solicitors that can either try and stop your repossession or allow us enough time to purchase the property and clear your debt.

    If you chose our stop repossession today service then we can complete in a matter of weeks and we cover all of the fees in the process.

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