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House Repossession in Manchester

If you are trying to manage your arrears, you aren’t the only one as government figures show that last year (2014) over 158000 were in arrears with their mortgages. So if you are one of these people, then what are your options if you need a quick sale to help stop repossession Manchester?

If you are needing a quick sale then you could choose to use an Auction House. The list to sale figures tend to vary per auction house and you will have to pay a listing fee. You house isn’t guaranteed to sell and if so could leave you with a short amount of time to sell the property.

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    Fast Sale Agent in Manchester

    Another option could be to use a fast sale agent. A fast sale Agent will market your property for a low price in order to try and achieve a quick sale. They will normally achieve a sale and completion in a three month time period and this may or may not leave you enough time to stop your repossession.

    At Home House Buyers, we can help you to stop repossession Manchester by giving you a guaranteed cash price on your property by covering all fees and turning it around in a matter of weeks. In most circumstances, we will be able to offer you a sale in 14 days and also help you to move into a rental property before its too late.

    If you need help to stop Repossession Manchester then you can call a member of our team on 0808 501 5566 for a free cash offer or you can email us here.

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