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Stop My House Repossession

Are you looking for a company to ‘stop my house repossession’? Here at Home House Buyers we can help you.

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Stop House Repossession

Repossession should always be the last resort when trying to stop house repossession. It can be a difficult time for anybody body dealing with a repossession. As a cash buyer, we can help you to stop repossession by using highly trained solicitors to stop all proceedings against you. In some circumstances, we can stop a repossession even the day before you are going to lose your house. For us the more time the better so if you need to use our stop my house repossession service then give a member of our team a call on 0808 501 5566 for a no obligation cash offer.

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Stopping House Repossession Options

Time is of the uttermost importance when dealing with a repossession. We often speak to vendors who get so bogged down with their situation that they just leave it to escalate.This can be the worst thing to do and will leave you in a terrible situation. Depending on the amount of time that you have left before your repossession date will depend on the which appropriate action you should take.

Your lender will write to you about mortgage arrears

Your mortgage lender has to follow rules and guidelines as to how to deal with you when you are falling behind with your payments. If you do begin to fall behind with your mortgage payments, then your first port of call should be to call your lender and discuss your mortgage options. The best way to do this should be to consider all your options before you put a proposal to your lender. At this point, it is likely that the lender should write to you again warning you that it intends to start court action to repossess your home.unhappy with your response. Even at this stage, you can negotiate with your lender.

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The lender will apply to court asking for a possession order

This is because the mortgage lender cannot repossess your house or flat without the permission of a court.

The court will then tell you the hearing date

On the set date court date, the judge will if you can keep your home or if your mortgage lender should get possession. A court official will write the date of the court hearing on the front of the claim form. You must reply to the court to state your defense.

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A judge hears the repossession case

The judge in a county court will then make his decision about the repossession. The judge hears evidence from you and your lender before he will make his decision. The judge may do one of the following:

  • If he decides that your home should be repossessed – this will mean that you would get evicted and you would have to leave the property.
  • He may make a  suspended possession order – this allows you to stay in your house or flat provided you keep to certain conditions, such as repaying the arrears.
  • Adjourn the case – this will mean that your case is adjourned until a later date and this will give you time to go away think of your options.
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The court makes an order for repossession

A possession order is granted if the judge decides that your home should be repossessed. The judge decides a date when you have to leave and the court order says when this is. Judges often allow 28 days but could allow you more or less time than this. You may be ordered to pay court costs. A suspended possession order is granted if the judge decides you should have another chance to keep your home. A suspended possession order allows you to stay so long as you keep to the terms agreed at the hearing. For example, that you pay your mortgage and pay back your mortgage arrears at a set amount.

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Bailiffs may be sent to remove you from your home if you don’t leave

Your lender can ask the courts bailiffs to remove you from your home if you haven’t left your home by the date on a court order for possession or if you don’t keep to a repayment agreement. The court can order you to pay the bailiff’s costs if they are called out so bear this in mind. The lender must apply to the court for a bailiff’s warrant. If the Bailiff doesn’t have this you cannot be removed from your home. The Bailiffs should write to tell you when they intend to come to repossess your home. In some instances, you might be able to challenge an eviction by bailiffs.

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Your mortgage lender sells your home

After you leave your home following repossession or have been removed by bailiffs, the lender will then take steps to sell your former property. Please bear in mind that you will remain liable to pay interest on your mortgage and any capital repayments due until the property is sold. Once the property is sold, the lender keeps the money it’s owed and pays you anything that’s left over.

Once you receive your first initial letter we would advise that you look to try and ways to try and achieve a quick house sale then we here at Home House Buyers can help you to stop my house repossession fast as we can pay cash for your property. As we are cash house buyers if you need to stop my house repossession then we can offer you a completion in a matter of weeks and also pay all of the fees.

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    If you are worried about using our stop my house repossession service as you will have nowhere to go then don’t. In most circumstances, we can offer you a short term loan once we have exchanged so you can rent a property. We here at Home House Buyers can offer you a completion within days. We have trained solicitors who ill contact your lender and aim to put a stall on the proceeding until we can complete.

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    We always advise to speak to the government helpline also and you can read more here.

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