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Stop House Repossession Stockport

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How to Stop House Repossession in Stockport? 

Welcome to Home House Buyers, where our team members are well-versed in helping people stop house repossession. Stockport customers may already know that repossessions are usually caused by a failure to keep up the repayments on your mortgage or other types of secured loans that you may have on your property. 

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Our Stop House Repossession Service in Stockport

Regardless of whether you have recently been issued with a repossession order or an eviction warrant, weve got you covered. Over the years, we have assisted many people who need to stop house repossession in Stockport. 

You have to let us know as soon as possible, so we can determine the correct course of action as time is definitely of the essence when trying to stop house repossession. Stockport residents, just keep reading below to find out more about the different stages of repossession to see where you are! 

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Court Hearing 

If you have received a letter of intended court action, then the situation is serious and you’re at risk of losing your home. If you have multiple mortgage areas, the lender usually takes this type of action after the third missed payment, although this can vary. 

During the hearing, the lender’s solicitor is going to present the evidence of your arrears and the outcome will depend on your defence. For this reason, the Home House Buyers team recommends getting in touch with a solicitor that specialises in cases that aim to stop repossession in Stockport. 

For the defendant, the most favourable outcome will be a suspended possession order, which would give you 28 days to get your affairs in order. This way, you would be able to arrange for temporary accommodation, sell your property on the market, or work within an affordable payment plan. 

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Eviction Notice 

Did you already get an eviction notice in the post? In that case, the bailiffs now possess the power to remove you and your family out of the property on the noted date. This process will involve changing the locks and turning the property over the lender. 

At Home House Buyers, we understand that this is very scary but it may not be too late to stop house repossession. Stockport residents have to get in touch with us the second they receive an eviction notice as we can help them obtain a country court hearing by completing the form N244. 

One thing currently working to your advantage is the fact that UK judges want to avoid a house repossession wherever possible, so be proactive and let us see what we can do to stop house repossession in Stockport! 

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Let Home House Buyers Help You Stop House Repossession, Stockport 

Here at Home House Buyers, we buy loads of properties across Britain, which may be the most appropriate option for you to stop house repossession. Stockport, we have the funds available to purchase your property and we would never take advantage of you – we understand how difficult these situations are. 

Home House Buyers are certified cash buyers, which means that we can buy any house to stop repossession in Stockport. We’re always going to make you a fair offer that will take the stress out of the situation! 

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