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Stop House Repossession Croydon

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Stop House Repossession Croydon

We here at Home House Buyers can help you to Stop House Repossession Croydon within a matter of days and we also pay all the fees in the process.

Dealing with a repossession can be a stressful experience and for most people. Depending on which lender is trying to take ownership of the property will depend on how aggreive they are. If you do lose the property then you can sometime still have to pay your debt if the sale of the house doesnt cover it

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How can we Stop House Repossession Croydon?

As we are cash house buyers we can offer to complete on your property within a matter of weeks. We will contact any lender who you have an outstanding balance with and aim to freeze your account, allowing us enought time to purchase it. In most circumstances we can also offer to lend you some of the proceeds of the sale in order to secure you a rental property in your area.

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What happens if you Stop House Repossession Croydon and you lose the house?

Once your house has been repossessed then it will be sold off to cover your outstanding debts. The mortgage company will call you to advise you the next steps if there is a shortfall. Sometimes this debt is sold off to another company and they will then pursue you for the debt themselves.

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    If I dont manage to Stop House Repossession Croydon how long can the mortgage lender pursue me for the short fall?

    If there is a shortfall on your property then the lender has up to six years to notify you of this and the lender has 12 year (by law) to make contact to start the process of repaying the shortfall

    We here at Home House Buyers can complete on your property within a matter of weeks allowing you to be debt free and move on with your life and allowing you to Stop House Repossession Croydon.

    No matter how bad your situation, we can still help with to stop your House Repossession London. Just give us a call 0808 501 5566 and take the first step toward to living a debt free life.

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