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Selling Your Home: Creating Kerb Appeal With Your House Exterior

Selling Your Home: Creating Kerb Appeal With Your House Exterior

Selling Your Home: Creating Kerb Appeal With Your House Exterior

When selling your home, ensuring that the exterior is appealing and attracts prospective buyers is vital. This is what is known as kerb appeal, and is something that anyone looking to sell their property will need to maximise.

Here are a few excellent ways to spruce up your home exterior and ensure you have a long line of prospective buyers knocking on your door.

Consider Installing Decking

If you haven’t already, you should consider ways to create attractive outdoor seating and decking areas. Many first time buyers are keen for their first homes to have much of the decoration already done, so adding appealing outdoor furnishings will help to increase the interest of potential buyers.

Outdoor decking is also a great way to help buyers visualise themselves living in your house, increasing the chances of offers being made.

Add Or Redesign Your Porch

A well-designed porch will be a great and cost-effective way of increasing your home’s value and kerb appeal. If you already have a porch, you could consider making adjustments to it to complement your overarching exterior design.

A porch is an excellent way to give your property a cosy and homely look. You could frame your porch with some potted plants or hanging baskets for a warm, inviting aesthetic.

Use Timeless Elements

When redecorating your property’s exterior to sell your house, you should aim to make your home look timeless and elegant. It would be best to avoid any bold colour schemes but instead choose a classic scheme that will stand out to prospective buyers.

Wood accents are an excellent choice for any home. You should consider using Shou Sugi Ban charred timber cladding on your home interior to add beautiful contrast and a sleek finish to your home exterior.

When choosing Shou Sugi Ban timber cladding, you should always use the services of an expert manufacturer like Exterior Solutions. High-quality timber cladding is essential to provide your home with a classy exterior, which will increase the appeal of your home.

Have A Beautifully Manicured Garden

You should have your garden in tip-top condition before showing your home. Ensure that you have plenty of greenery and that your grass is well maintained.

If you have a path or driveway, you should make sure that they are in good repair, and that there are no weeds or gaps between slabs. Your garden should complement your home’s stylish exterior, so it is essential that you keep it looking its best while showing your home.

Use Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting will show your home in the best possible way. Particularly for homes that are recessed from street lighting, having your own exterior lights will be essential for safety and for night time viewings.

Use subtle lighting to emphasise your home exterior. You should always avoid overly bright lighting, but instead, use lighting that will softly illuminate your garden path.

If you have a large front garden, you could consider installing solar panelled lights along the walkway. Any steps should also be illuminated for safety.

Freshen Up Paintwork

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for increasing the kerb appeal of your home. Having a polished exterior will help your home shine and complement any wood and brick accents you have.

It would be best if you focused particularly on your front door, as this will provide one of the vital first impressions to a potential buyer. The colour you choose will be down to personal preference and the overall look you are trying to achieve, though it is usually a good idea to avoid any particularly bold and bright colour choices.

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