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Selling Your Home Building Regulations

Selling Your Home Building Regulations

Selling Your Home: Is it up to Code?

Most homeowners have heard about building regulations violations. The sad truth is that most of them do not fully understand what this means and the consequences of having a home that is not up to code. Further, it could be a huge problem if you tried to sell your home and it is discovered that an extension does not meet with the required building regulations. The best thing you can do to ensure that your home sells easily and there are no complaints down the line is to ensure that it is up to standard. How do you do that and what do you look out for? We will look at all that below.

The Structure

The structure and exterior of your home is the first thing a lot of people will notice about your home. For a full home inspection, start with the exterior of the house. There should be no cracks or any physical damage to the house.

You should also check the roof to see if you need roof repair services. The check should include looking for cracks, structural and water damage, as well as if all the gutters are working as expected.

If you have a concrete driveway, is it cracked? If need a new one, you can always call Mixit to provide the concrete you need for a new one. They are a London based company that handles all concrete needs, including providing ready mix cement and cement pumping services. Be sure to contact experienced professionals like them to ensure the job is done correctly.

During the inspection, also check the ceilings. There could be signs of leakage on the ceiling.

Electrical Systems

Electrical systems are often ignored but they can be a fire hazard and an indicator of how well you take care of your house. The first thing to do is to ensure that the fuse box is up to standard. Next, you want to ensure that the wiring isn’t sub-standard and old. Look at outlets to see whether they have ever been replaced.

The Stairs

All stairs in your home should have handrails installed on them. This is very important for those who have children or the elderly living with them.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

A lot of people forget to check or even service their fire and smoke alarms when they inspect their homes. As they can help save your home from a fire, ensure that all fire and smoke alarms are installed and working correctly.

Doors and Windows

All doors and windows should be checked to ensure they close and open properly. Exterior doors should be checked much more thoroughly, as they are the ones that are usually exposed to the elements.


Selling your home can be a lot easier if the house meets building regulations and is in good condition. Getting your home inspected and doing simple repairs yourself can also be good ways of increasing the value of the home. Just remember not to carry out any dangerous tasks by yourself.

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