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Sell Your Property For Cash

Do you need a to sell your property for cash and fast? Home House Buyers can buy help you to sell your property for cash.

How much you can get?

  • Receive a Cash Offer within 24hrs
  • Completion date to suit you
  • We pay all fees
Home House Buyers

How does the ‘sell your property for cash’ service work?

Our unique home buying service is tailored to those who are looking to achieve a sale quickly without the hassle of dealing with estate agents and the general public. We help you to sell your property for cash buy just buying it direct from you cutting out the middle man. We can give you a cash offer within a matter of days and then we can complete on your property in a matter of weeks.

How much does it cost to use your ‘sell your property for cash’ service?

Home House Buyers pay the solicitors fees, survey costs and we also pay for the EPC so it doesn’t cost you a single penny to sell your property.

Do you have a problem property and do you need to sell your property for cash? Here at Home House Buyers we buy properties with damp, structural movement, non-standard construction, ex-council properties and also houses in need of full refurbishment. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sell your property on the open market as we can still buy it and cover all of the fees, so there is no need to long marketing periods and tyre kickers.

Whatever the reason is as to why you are looking to sell your property for cash we can help. Our quick sale service means that if you need to complete within a matter of days then we can help you to achieve that. We can help you to buy that new house, move abroad or book yourself that dream holiday. We help people in all kinds of situations over the years from those going through a divorceill healthprobate and even those who are just struggling to ‘sell your property for cash’ due to a slow market.

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    I’m getting repossessed, can your sell your property for cash service help me?

    Over the years, we have helped many people dealing with repossession. When you sell your property for cash it allows you to complete within a matter of weeks and pay off any outstanding debts. As Home House Buyers are a cash buying company we can also offer to help you to find alternative rental accommodation and also loan you the money to secure it.

    If you would like to speak to a member of our sell your property fast team then you can call us anytime day or night and we can put forward a free cash offer. Call our office on 0808 501 5566 to speak to a member of our experienced team or EmailUs.

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