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Sell your house fast Liverpool

Sell your house fast Liverpool

Sell your house fast Liverpool

The Housing market has seen some turbulent times in 2016, we looking into the local area in Liverpool to see how to Sell your house fast Liverpool.

In 2016 we have seen a plethora of issues that have caused the market see growth drop to single figures in the highest performing areas. As the market takes hits from all areas we look into the different Sell your house fast Liverpool services and which is the best for you.


So what exactly has caused the issues with the sell house fast market in the UK? There are many different issues that have been thrown at the market in 2016 that have caused things to slow down dramatically.

Stamp Duty – Stamp duty has been one of the major shocks for most buyers. Anyone who already down a home has to pay an additional level of stamp duty that is an extra 3% on the price of your purchase. So what effect is this having on those looking to Sell your house fast Liverpool? We’ll it’s reducing the overall number of buyers on the open market. This is turn is increasing the amount of time that houses are spending on the market.

Help to Buy Scheme – This is due to end this month. The help to buy scheme is a government backed scheme to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder. The scheme seems to have been successful however, it’s due to end this month. This is again reducing the amount of buyers on the market today. With a limited number of buyers, this is likely to drive prices down further. Bad news for those looking to sell your house fast Liverpool.

Buy to Let Tax – As of today you only pay tax the profit from your buy to let property after you have offset your tax. As of April 2017,  you won’t be able to offset the cost of your mortgage for tax. So what does this mean if you are looking to sell your house fast Liverpool? Well, it means that you are likely to see your house sat on the market for longer. Why? Well, by the government implementing this change it’s forcing the BTL investors to sell and stopping them from buying. This is likely to slow things down even further.

Brexit – A word that will surely have carved its name into the English history books for eternity. So how has it affected the sell your house fast market? Well, besides the initial slump it the market things have started to recover slightly. Across the board, people have still lost confidence. Why? Well, when making the biggest purchase of your life you want there to be a stable economy. Many vendors we have spoken to say they are scared to buy in case they lose their jobs.

So how are things in general in the sell your house fast Liverpool market after all of these changes? Many say that the housing market is currently ‘on the ropes’ according to some papers. Confidence has been lost in most areas of the market and as such people are on tenterhooks when making their next move on the property ladder.

‘Annual house price growth will rapidly slow down towards the low single digits across the UK’s major towns and cities as the EU referendum impacts on the property market, a report has predicted.’

VICKY SHAW – Daily Mirror

So with the market taking some serious knocks what is the best why to sell your house fast Liverpool?

There are many options out there for those looking to sell house fast ranging from Estate Agents, Sell Your House Fast companies, Auction houses and even quick house sale agent. But which is the best option?

Estate Agents – If you need a sell house fast service this may not be the best avenue for you. The average house is staying on the market for over 250 days before they achieve a sale. Once it has sold you will then have further 2-3 months until the property completes. You may get lucky and sell it straight away, then you could look at completing in 2-3 months.

Sell Your House Fast Liverpool Companies – We can offer you a sale in a matter of weeks and we also pay all of the fees in the process. What fees? Well, as cash buyers we will pay for your solicitor fees, survey cost and even cover the cost of an EPC. In most circumstances, we can offer you a completion date to suit your specific needs.

Auctions – The second most popular choice after using an estate agent seems to be using auction houses to sell house fast. So what are the pro’s and con’s of using an auction house? Well, the pros for many are that if it sells on the day then it is 99% guaranteed to complete. You will normally have a marketing period for a month, then if it sells you can look forward to a 28-day completion. What are the negatives? If your house doesn’t sell then you will have tarnished the value of your property and you will still have to pay the auction house costs. This cost can run into the thousands.

Express estate agents – This a new way of selling your house. You sell your property with your online agent who will market your property at a reduced value in order to stimulate a sell house fast service. Your fees will normally be less than a high street estate agent. However, if your property doesn’t sell then you may have permanently tarnished its value.

If you need to sell your house with no hassle then we here at home house buyers can offer just call a member of our sell house fast Liverpool team on 0800 612 1366.




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