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sell your commercial property

sell your commercial property

Sell your commercial property

The demand for commercial property in the U.K has picked up pace in recent months this hasn’t been seen since 1998, this surge in investment shows the confidence in the U.K economy and that the recovery is well on its way. Which means it’s a good time to sell your commercial property fast, with banks easing up with regards to lending this can only be a good sign for the property market.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) have reported that in the first quarter of 2015 that the demand for commercial property had grown this has been the trend for the last 10 consecutive quarters, respondents are seeing 46% more interest in their commercial property. So if you’re a potential commercial property investor you need to act fast to secure your investment, on the other hand if you are a potential vendor its a good time to sell your commercial property fast.

The availability of commercial property hitting the market dropped by 38%, RICS says this is due to tighter market conditions on the rental expectations which have resulted in rents increasing this is the highest headline level since 1998. The retail sector is the only one which is struggling to pick up pace while the industrial and office sectors are seeing a high level of demand, so it’s good news for vendors looking to sell their commercial property fast or to get a tenant in there quick.

London is of course leading the way in the office sector with the price of prime property massively overvalued, capital projections seem positive in all locations, increasing confidence will impact on the secondary space with rents and projections positive.

Here at Home House Buyers we have a ‘sell your commercial property fast’ division which are very keen to purchase your commercial property any age or condition we buy any property. At Home House Buyers we can tailor the completion to suit yourself, also we pay all your fees with no survey, agent or solicitors cost to yourself.



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