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Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

Sell your commercial property fast

Do you need to sell your commercial property fast? We look at the best ways to try and sell your commercial property fast, looking at the commercial property market ‘Post BrExit’.


Sell your commercial property fast news

So the UK has decided, we are better out than in (Europe that is, not your belly button). So what does that mean for you the ‘commercial property’ owner? Is now a good time to sell commercial property fast? Or should you wait until the dust has settled and before closing up shop.

The commercial property market may be likely to have some turbulent times ahead. With BrExit creating ripples in the residential property market we here at Home House Buyers feel that the market is likely to see turbulence over the coming months. 

We have seen the market take a hit with China pulling lending on properties in London. The UOB has said it has suspended its loan programme for all London properties according to a BBC report Article

They are saying that it will remain this way until the market settles and people know which way it’s going to go.

“As the aftermath of the UK referendum is still unfolding and given the uncertainties, we need to ensure our customers are cautious with their London property investments.” 

Alongside the China investments, there have been some UK companies worrying about the effects that BrExit might have caused. One of the largest property funds ‘Aberdeen Property Trust’ is having to scale down its 3.4 billion portfolios of shops, offices, and warehouses due to Brexit. They are having to as their stock has dropped 3.75pc which equates to about 128m.  Are things going to get better, what are your thoughts?

Both residential and commercial property sales companies seem to have taken a hammering with share prices take quite a tumble. Here is what Foxton said this week ‘Full years earning would be “significantly lower” than a year ago as the referendum outcome prolongs market uncertainty, which it expects to continue “for at least the remainder of the year”. 

Some banks are still lending during this turbulent time, but we have seen many take a step back and we believe they are doing this to make sure that they aren’t going to make any risky investments. According to the FT, some fund managers have marketed the value of their stock down by as much as 5%. Funds run by Henderson, Standard Life, Legal & General have seen adjustments of since BrExit. This valuation as comes after three consecutive years of double-digit returns according to the IPD index. Even a few of the big players in the game Land Securities and British Land have seen their shares plummet since BrExit.

The Banks have just announced that they are dipping into their Countercyclical Capital Buffer and making 150 billion pounds available to the UK householder for lending. So is this quantitive easing? Apparently not, as they aren’t printing more money, but more just raiding the piggy bank which, the BOE aren’t exactly happy about.

Sell your commercial property fast 

The high street has seen a slump in sales also. Selling some smaller commercial units such as shops, office, pubs and warehouses has seen a stall due to market conditions. so if you are needing to sell commercial property fast then what are the best options? Many that have been trying the open market and received little interested are looking into using a sell commercial property fast company, like as us here at Home House Buyers. We can offer a cash sale and you can pick your own completion date whether a matter of weeks or months we can help. In most circumstances, we pay all of the fees in the process and save you having to pay an estate agent bill at the end of the sale.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to sell my commercial property fast:


Retirement or Ill Health

Empty unit

Emigration to a different country

Business Relocation

No matter your situation we can help you to sell commercial property fast by either buying your property for cash ourselves of putting you in contact with a cash buyer from your area.

If you are looking to try and sell commercial property fast you could always give us a call for a free cash offer  sell house fast company

Here at Home House Buyers we have over 20 years combined buying experience.


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