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Sell Property Fast London

Sell Property Fast London

Sell Property Fast London

Do you need to sell property fast London? Here at we can offer you a guaranteed cash offer on your property within 24 hours and complete the purchase of your property within a matter of weeks. If you would like a free, no obligation cash offer on your property then you can call a friendly member of our Sell Property Fast London team on 08006 121 366 or click the link below to hear from us.


The London Property Market 

The housing marketing in London is very unpredictable and hard to read. Although prices in certain areas are going up year on year, the affordability factor is preventing many buyers from actually being able to get their foot on the ladder. This is causing many vendors to be spending lengthy times on the open market. Most people think that the price in London will soon burst, however, you could be wrong.

If you’re hoping that runaway property prices in London are a sure-fire sign of a bubble waiting to burst, then you’re absolutely wrong. House prices are still soaring and with interest rates still at a record low of 0.5% for the last six years things don’t look like they are going to change. Today’s market conditions are entirely differently to the times that led up to the financial crisis of 2008.

We here at home house buyers believe that London property prices are not going to crash. OK, they could fall, but it’s more likely that they’ll stabilise or grow at a slower rate. Yes, they will hit a ceiling eventually, but that ceiling is likely to still be extremely high.

First-time buyers, have to pretty much hope you find a job that pays you quadruple the national average rate, partner with someone to bulk up your household earnings.

All this just means there are fewer and fewer buyers out there in the market today, makes property sales few and far between in certain areas.

Features and benefits our Sell Property Fast London Service

For many people, the open market is unpredictable and full of uncertainty, with gazumping and tyre kickers most vendors tend to lose confidence. It can be a lengthy and expensive process as we are speaking to people that have been marketing their property for years without receiving a single offer. If you do manage to sell your property then you can be left with hefty estate agency bills of upwards of tens of thousands of pounds, as well as legal fees and now the cost of the energy performance certificates also.

Here at Home House buyers we can offer you a guaranteed sale on your house/flat within a matter of weeks and we also pay all of the fees in the process as well. That means we cover survey costs, solicitors costs, the cost of the energy performance certificate and you will also avoid paying an estate agent as we buy the house from you direct. This will allow you to move on in your own time as you can tailor your own completion date.

The types of houses we buy with our Sell Property Fast London Service

Many people think that our Sell Property Fast London service only buys houses in fantastic condition. This couldn’t be any further from the truth as we buy any house in any condition. Over the years, we have bought barns, detached houses, semi-detached houses, flats, shops, terrace houses and even garages. It doesn’t matter the condition of the property either as our Sell Property Fast London service at will buy any house in ANY condition. we will buy your house if it is fire damaged, has structural movement, needs a full-scale refurbishment project or even if it has damp, then we can help. As we are cash house buyers we can also buy houses that are non-standard construction and ex-council houses. Just call a member of our team on 0800 6121 366 of fill in your details here GetAnOffer

Does our Sell Property Fast London Service extend out to buying commercial property?

As we are cash house buyers we can offer you a guaranteed cash price on your commercial property also. If you need to sell commercial property fast then we can help you to achieve a sale within a matter of weeks. Using Sell Property Fast London service to sell your commercial unit means that you can complete in a matter of weeks with no fees to pay. It doesn’t matter the type of unit that you are looking to sell as we can help, whether its’ a shop, office or even if it’s a pub, we can help. Just call a member of our team on 0800 6121 366 for a free no obligation cash offer.

Which areas do you buy we buy in with our Sell Property Fast London service?


The London Borough of Hackney is a north-east London Borough. Over the years many people from Hackney have used our sell property fast London buying all types of properties from flats to house and offices to shops. With lots of new developments going on in Hackney now is the perfect time to sell. Over the years, the area has gone from strength to strength with average house prices sitting at just over £500000 the affordability factor isn’t really there and houses can tend to sit on the market for some time. With our sell property fast London service, we can offer you a completion on your property within a matter of weeks.


Enfield started off as a market town in the county of Middlesex on the edge of the forest. Over the years, London as grown and Enfield and its surrounds eventually became a residential suburb, with fast transport links into central London. With high average house prices of £290,000 Enfield is a difficult place to sell your house with some houses selling within a day but also some selling within years. If you don’t want to take the gamble then you can get a free cash offer from Home House Buyers within days and we will help you to sell property fast London.

Potters Bar

Potters Bar is a small town which is part of the London commuter belt, it’s only 18 miles North of London. The town dates back to the 13th century, it wasn’t until the Great Northern Railway was built did the town start to expand, with the easy access to the city, Potters Bar became a cheaper option than buying property in the centre of London. So with the Great Northern Railway and the Great North Road (A1) running through the town Potters Bar became a place of trade for travellers up and down the country. The property market in and around potters bar hasn’t seen the increases of 15-20% year on year like we have been seeing in central London but the town has seen good increase of between 5-8% with a buoyant property market if you are a vendor trying to sell property fast London you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.


Bermondsey is located south of the city of London and is part of the London borough of Southwark. During the Second World War Bermondsey suffered severe damage to its famous butlers wharf, the wharf became redundant in the 60s following the collapse of the river trade and lay derelict for many years. During the 80’s and 90’s these derelict wharves were redeveloped in luxury mixed-use residential and commercial properties which boasts some of the most expensive and up-market property in the city of London. Vendors in and around Bermondsey struggling to sell property fast London should speak to one of our experts that specialise in this area call 0800 6121 366.


Croydon is located south of London it’s a large town with the largest commercial districts outside of central London with one of the largest shopping areas and a well-developed night life. Croydon is one of the most popular commuter areas within the commuter belt, this has driven house prices up in the last 5 years which has forced people to look further afield. Vendors have struggled to sell property fast London in the Croydon area because of the new strict lending criteria within the mortgage sector, this is due to the fact of the house prices rising faster than people’s wages which have made buying a house very difficult.


Mitcham is a small suburb south of central London in the borough of Merton. Mitcham is a well-established area with great commuter services to central London, this has led to property prices rising 10-15% year on year with people moving out of the city to Mitcham because the prices there are a lot cheaper.

How the sell property fast London service works step by step?

First of all, contact us on 0800 6121 366 or fill out an enquiry form online and we will contact you.

Once we have enough details about your property we can get to work and do our research for your sell property fast London cash offer this usually take around 24 hours.

Receive a no obligation cash offer.

Accept our cash offer.

A member of our team will come to meet you at your property to talk you through the process and to sign the sale documents.

We will instruct solicitors and a RICS survey.

Once the survey and the legal work is finalised and is satisfactory we are in a position to complete.

COMPLETION the money will be transferred from your solicitor straight to your bank.

That’s how simple our sell property fast London process is, so don’t hesitate call us today.


John Wainman

Selling my home fast with Home House Buyers was a very easy procedure and the staff were very friendly. I was kept up to date with the progress. I would highly recommend this quick house sale company. I received a good price for my home and completed within a matter of weeks.

Siobhan Woodham

Selling to home house buyers was brill they came out the same day as we phoned them gave us a great price was very patient while power of attorney was registered also kept in contact gave us updates when needed, staff was friendly and polite would recommend to friends and family for a quick sale.

Steve Flemming

I am very grateful for the smooth and uncomplicated purchase of the property willed to my client by his late father. My client was and still is devastated with the loss of his father, thanks to your courteous professional help the sale of the property made things a whole lot easier. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to all my other clients as and when required.

These are just a few of our customers who are more than happy with our fast and efficient service try our sell property fast London process today call 0800 6121 366


Once you have spoken to a member of our sell property fast London team, we endeavour to have a no obligation cash offer for you within 24 hours. If you choose to accept our offer we can complete and have the money in your bank within 14 days.


Estate Agents

If you are trying to sell property fast London then going down the estate agent route isn’t the route to go down, there are a lot of tyre kickers when it comes to selling a property, with the average house sale between 6-12 months. Remember estate agents are in essence sales men they will try any which way to win your business and get your property on their books if you are wanting a quick sale price your property competitively don’t over-egg the price. EA fees are around 1.5% and 3% of your final sale price.


Auctions are a good way to dispose of your property quickly but remember that auction you will be selling below market value and have to pay extortionate fees between 2-3%, there is no guarantee a sell property fast London going to auction.

On-Line Estate Agents

On-Line Estate Agents promise low fees in return for a sell property fast London service, how these companies work is that they don’t do any proactive marketing on your property they simply take their upfront fee and place your property on an internet portal e.g. Rightmove / Zoopla. Going with one of these companies is a gamble there is no guarantee of a sale and the support isn’t there unlike with a traditional estate agent.

Other Quick House Sale Companies

Most of our competitors will promise to sell property fast London where they can complete within 7-14 days, some of them can accomplish this, but the majority can’t they simply are brokers that are trying to sell your property on to one of their investors or they are data collecting and selling your personal details on. If you do decide to go with one of our competitors ask for a proof of funding to prove to you that they can purchase your property and they are not just full of hot air.

Home House Buyers will always provide you with a proof of funding and will endeavour to complete your property purchase within 14 days

It doesn’t matter what your situation is if you need Sell Property Fast London then we can help just call a member of our team on 0800 6121 366

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