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Sell Property Fast Birmingham

Sell Property Fast Birmingham


Are you trying to sell property fast Birmingham? Here at Home House Buyers we understand that trying to sell any property fast is a difficult and stressful task, if you are in the process and want to sell property fast Birmingham we buy any house or property in any condition within 14 days or a timescale to suit you.  We have over 30 years combined experience within the sell house fast industry so you can be comfortable you are in safe hands if you do accept our no obligation cash offer. Home House Buyers can give you a no obligation cash offer within 24 hours simply call 08006121366 or fill out an enquiry form online and we will contact you. We buy properties all over the country not just in Birmingham, we also buy any type of property from commercial units to land and if the property is right for us we can complete with 14 days, have a look at our commercial property page which will give you a more detailed way of how to sell commercial property fast.



Birmingham is a city that has a diverse mix of people from all different backgrounds and cultures, the Indian population has made the city famous for the quality of curries. Birmingham’s canal infrastructure is so complex that it’s actually longer than the Venice canals which make Birmingham’s the longest in the world. Within Birmingham lies the “village” of Bournville, which was built by the Cadbury family for the chocolate factory’s workers. It contains no pubs because the family were Quakers. The company was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury and, by 1930, had become the 24th largest manufacturing firm in Britain. One of the UK’s first petrol-driven cars was built in Birmingham by engineer Frederick Lanchester while he was working in the city. Famous industrialist Matthew Boulton was born in Birmingham in 1728 and went on to open the Soho Manufactory, which many see as the first factory of its kind.


Birmingham  property market

Birmingham’s property market has begun to pick up since the 2007  financial recession, that doesn’t mean they are out of the woods. Properties in the less desirable areas of the city are still sticking on the market and only sell relatively quickly if heavily discounted. There are areas of the city that are more buoyant and which properties sell quicker than others which is like any other city in the U.K .  Within the city centre the flat market is still struggling to catch up, the demand for these units have struggled the most since the recession with supply far outstripping demand which took a massive 40% off some of the values. To sell property fast Birmingham the general feel is that your price needs to be competitive don’t over price your property because you won’t get much interest.


Alternative Ways To Sell Your Property

Estate Agents

Going down the traditional route is always more expensive with the extortionate 1.5% to 3% plus VAT fees which will cost you thousands. Using an estate agents doesn’t guarantee a quick sale, remember they are salesmen at the end of the day they will sell their service at any cost, they will give you an unachievable price just to get you tied into a 6-month contract. The usual time scale of sale is around 6-12 months and don’t forget solicitors, EPC certificate and estate agents fees are payable.

80-90% BMV

FEES £3000- £10000



Auction, is very good way to sell property fast Birmingham but the fees can be more expensive than using an Estate Agent there fees are usually around 2-3% with a marketing fee of around £500. If you can drop your expectations on price you will sell the property, on the day the buyer will exchange and completion is usually set 28 days after.

70-75% BMV

FEES £4500-£15000

Sale and marketing period is between 3-5 months


Other Quick House Sale companies

Within our industry it’s like any other industry, there are good and bad. Good companies will stick by their word and complete within 14 days by using their own funds, bad companies will try and sell your property to a third party or try to massively drop the price at the last minute. If you smell a rat you can always walk away from the deal or back them into a corner and ask for proof of funding which you are well inside your right too.

70-80% BMV

Some companies have hidden costs £1000-£3000

Sale Period 14days- 4 months


Home House Buyers Process And Timescale

Home House Buyers sell property fast Birmingham process is fast and stress-free, simply fill out an online enquiry form or call a member of our friendly team on our free phone number 0800 6121 366 about your quick house sale needs. During the call we ask you some basic question about the property and then we can go away and do our research. It takes around 24 hours to produce a no obligation cash offer, if you choose to accept the offer we will arrange for one of our team to come and visit you at your property to talk you through our sell house fast process. The next step of the sell property fast Birmingham process is to instruct solicitors for you and to organise a survey to be carried out on the property, once the legals and the survey have been finalised we are in a position to complete and you will receive the money into your bank. That’s how simple our sell property fast Birmingham process is.






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