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Are you looking for a sell my house fast London service? If the answer is yes then we here at Home House Buyers can offer you a guaranteed sale on your property.

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The London market is seeing some change in recent times with prices dropping and with foreign investments seeing to dry up, it is creating an uncertain time for the London property market.

It comes as some of the wealthiest homeowners have been dropping the value of their houses by up to 10%, in order to stimulate interest in what is a slowing market.

Most industry experts are saying that it could be due to the government’s increase in stamp duty for those buying second homes.

If the housing market continues to slow down and prices start to fall then what are the other option rather than just selling through the open market.

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Sell My House Fast London – Auction

If you are looking to sell my house fast London then auctions may be a viable option. Selling through auction (although not a guaranteed sale) can allow you to have to chance of selling your house on the day.

If you do achieve a sale on the day then the buyer will have around 28 days to complete the sale of your London House. So, are there any cons to selling a property in through the auction?

You will have to pay a listing fee whether the property sells or not and if it doesn’t sell, then your low auction guide price may seriously affect the value of your house.

WE BUY ANY HOUSE in any location or condition of your property doesn’t deter whether we buy or not, doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of nowhere or a city centre location likewise if your property is in pristine condition or in need of a full refurbishment, we will buy any house.

Sell My House Fast London – Quick Sale Agent

A quick sale agent is like an estate agent apart from they firesale all of the London houses on their books. What does fire sale mean exactly? In a nutshell, the quick sale agent will drastically reduce the price of your property in order to try and help you to sell my house fast London.

This has been known to work over the years, however, similar to the auction,  if the house doesn’t sell then you could have seriously tarnished the value of the house.

Sell My House Fast London – Sell House Fast Companies

If you need a sell my house fast London service then Sel House Fast Companies can also offer you a speedy alternative to what the estate agents can offer. The pro’s of using this method can be free fee’s and also most will offer to complete the sale of your property in a matter of weeks.

The negatives can be that not all companies are able to pay cash for your property and some will just look to re-sell your property to one of their buyers. This method can be riddled with problems.

We here at Home House Buyers can help you if you are looking to Sell My House Fast London. We pay all fees throughout the sale of your property and we also can complete in a matter of weeks. For a free no obligation cash offer you can call a member of our Sell My House Fast London team on 0800 621 1366

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