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Sell House Fast Service

Sell House Fast Service

Sell House Fast Service

Are you looking into using a sell house fast service? We here at can explain how the process works and help you to make the right decision when you are looking to sell your property.

The housing market is seeing lots of changes of recent times. With Mr Cameron promising that we will be entering into ‘generation buy’ instead of ‘generation rent’ with thousands of more affordable discounted houses being built. Good news for first-time buyers but not exactly great news for those already struggling to sell their home. With increased competition and also the competition being sold off at up to 20% below market value, it will make selling yours even harder. Alongside that, the Buy-to-Let market is changing. You will now see increased tax on the full amount of profit, as opposed to the just the net profit like it used to be. This means there will be few Buy-to-Let investors at the lower end of the market, again making it harder to sell.

So if you are already finding the open market slow and need a sale or even if you have a property that you are looking to sell quickly then how can a Sell house Fast Service help you? Well rather than go down any of the traditional routes (auction or estate agents) a sell house fast service can allow you to achieve a sale within a matter of weeks as our sell house fast service we can give you a cash offer within a matter of days and pay all of your fees. As we pay cash for your property it allows us to exchange and complete with 14 days. In order to get a free no obligation cash offer then just put your details in here and you will receive a call from a member of our sell house fast team within 24 hours. If you would prefer to call you can contact us on 08006121366 or you can email by clicking here.

Can you get a sell house fast service from an auction?

You can sell your house fast through and auction but it’s not guaranteed to sell and you will have to market the drastically lower than its actually market value. Auction have always been a viable option for those fed up with the open market or needing something a bit quicker than the time-scales estate agents provide. The popularity of auctions seems to have peaked over recent years with the help of the daytime television shows making it look easy to make a quick buck. But is this really that easy to sell your house fast? Well, when going down the auction route you will have to pay and auction entry cost to sell your property this can be in the hundreds or thousands of pounds and you have to pay  this whether your house sells or fails at auction. You will also have to set your guide price low in order to drum up interest and if you don’t achieve a sale this can tarnish the value of your property. So what about time scales for those trying to sell house fast? You can normally look to achieve a sale in two to three months and this is made up of a 4-8 week marketing period and then a 28 completion after the exchange of contracts at the auction.

Can you get a sell house fast service from an estate agent?

This all depends on two things: – the price and the location. If your property is located in a buoyant area and is priced attractively then you could look to achieve an offer within weeks. However, this doesn’t mean that your sale will happen straight away as most open market sales take on average 4-8 weeks. Again this isn’t guaranteed as you will have to hope that the property values up and there are no hick ups along the way. It goes without saying that you could achieve the highest price this way and if you have 6-12 months time to sell this is the best option. When selling with an estate agent, take into consideration their costs and your legal fees.

What about sell house fast services from other companies

Seller beware there are a lot of rogue companies out there that say they will pay 90% of market value for your property, this a lot of the time is a scam the way they work is to get a “fire sale” valuation of your property which is inevitably under-valuing your property then they take their percentage off this so you will actually be selling for around 60-65% bellow market value. This scam appears that they are buying your property for the agreed 90% BMV but it’s clearly not.

This is just one of the ways that our competitors operate, the other ruthless way they go about getting the best deal is to drop the price at last minute. The way they do this is to offer you a high price for you property, let the sale proceed so you have committed to other accommodation and when the sale gets to the last minute and you are financially committed drop the price by 20-30% of the original offer and you have no other choice but to accept.

We advise you to go with reputable companies like us at who don’t and will never operate like this, we give you a realistic value of your property along with a realistic sell house fast offer, our sell house fast service really does help you achieve a quick house sale.

The problem with getting gazumped like this is that it’s not an illegal practice, the press has picked up on these kinds of practices and made the OFT aware, who’s trying to stop the loop holes that our competitors are using in the sell house fast service market-place and giving the rest of us a bad name.

Example of Sell House Fast Services

Other House Buying Companies


Average Sale Time8-10 Weeks


Average Total Fees£1,000

Property Auctions


Average Sale Time4-10 Weeks


Average Total Fees£4,500

Estate Agents


Average Sale Time24 Weeks


Average Total Fees£5,000

Home House Buyers


Average Sale Time 14 Days


Average Total Fees: Zero!! We pay all the fees in the sell house fast service process so we pay all your solicitors costs, EPC fees, survey fees and the biggest saving is that using Home House Buyers is that you won’t need to pay for Estate Agents that will save you thousands.

Benefits of Using Home House buyers to Sell House Fast

The benefits of using Home House Buyers is that you are dealing with a reputable genuine cash buying company with funds available to purchase your property within 14 days, the offer you get is the money you receive and the sell house fast service is simple. More benefits of using HHB is that there is no marketing or agency fees, no survey, valuation or legal costs. You are not stuck in a chain so there is no fuss or complications, no waiting around or let downs we simply buy your property fast using our sell house fast service.

Simply call 0800 6121 366 or fill out an enquiry form and speak to one of our friendly agents.

Situation of Sale

Here at we come across all kinds of situations that people are in when it comes to selling their property here are a few examples:


We speak to many homeowners on a daily basis that are needing to a Sell House Fast Divorce service and for many the open market isn’t getting them the quick house sale that they need. Many people try the traditional route of the open market first to see if they can achieve a quick house sale. Speak to friendly, member of our team who can help you with your sell house fast needs.


Selling an inherited house can be problematic. Having an empty house in a slow market can be a financial strain with bills and the thought your property being unattended. As well as being problematic it also takes an emotional toll on your everyday life, we here at are here to help with our fast house sale service so you don’t have to take the strain anymore we will.


Start your new life abroad sooner with house sale for emigration solutions that help you release the cash from your property quickly. With no fees and a simple online application form, emigrating has never been easier. Make that move so much easier with our sell house fast service today call 0800 6121 366 today.


We have trained solicitors that can stop house repossession and normally we can do it within 30 minutes, so just call our office. Getting repossessed can be a highly stressful situation, with mounting debt and never ending threatening letters through the door most people can tend to just give up. We would suggest you get independent advice before you choose to go down the sell house fast route there are a lot of charitable organisations that can give good advice.

If you need to sell house fast service then you can call a member of our team on 0800 6121 366 today.





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