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Sell House Fast Nottingham

Do you need to sell a house fast in Nottingham? Home House Buyers can buy your house within 14 days subject to survey and legal work.

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How does the sell house fast service work

The housing market fluctuates on a daily basis but we can offer you stability with a guaranteed price on your property. Once you have put your details into our enquiry form then we will get a member of our team to come back to you with a sell house fast Nottingham offer within 24 hours.

If our offer is acceptable then we can get the legal work instructed that day. We cover the legal fees on both sides of the sale and we normally look to complete in 14 – 28 days.

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Our sell house fast Nottingham service buys any type of property in any type of condition.

Our Quick House Sale service means that we can buy yourbungalow, flat, detached or even your terrace house for cash. As a cash house buyer, we can buy your house even if you aren’t able to sell it due to it having problems. Over the years we have bought houses with structural movement, short lease and even those with Japanese knotweed.

Pros – You will be given a guaranteed sale and all of your fees will be paid for if you use our sell house fast Nottingham service

Cons – Our offers are below market value.

Timescale – We will complete on the purchase of your property within 14-28 days

Cost – There is no cost to sell your house fast with Home House Buyers. We cover all of the fees in the sale.

Other ways to sell your house fast Nottingham?

There are many options out there when you are looking to sell your property quickly in Nottingham. With new estate agents coming to the market daily and different ways of selling your property becoming available if you aren’t looking to use the quick house sale method.

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High Street Estate Agents

This is still the most popular way of selling your property and the best way of getting the most exposure.

Pros – You will be getting the most exposure with your house being in the shop window as well as the online presence.

Cons – You will be tied into a long contract and your house isnt guaranteed to sell. This is also the most expensive way to sell your property.

Timescale – You aren’t guaranteed to sell your property and most houses take up to 9 months to achieve a sale.

Cost – The price will vary from agent to agent but you will normally look to expect to pay to 2-3% and then VAT on top.

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Online Estate Agents

This is a relatively new way to sell your house fast in Nottingham. They work on the method of reducing their fees by getting rid of the need for a traditional high street office.

Pros – Most will offer to sell your house for a lower fee than your high street estate agent.

Cons – You may need to do viewings yourself and you may see a lower than average amount of activity due to the absence of a high street shop window. You may be tied into a long contract.

Timescale – It’s how long is a piece of string. It will depend on how the market is performing in your area. Most sales are taking between 6-9 months.

Cost – Prices will vary but most will offer to sell your house fast for between £500 and £1500 but you may have to pay this fee upfront.

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Auction House

Auctions have been around SELL HOUSE FAST NOTTINGHAMfor many years and have always been an option if you are looking for a sell house fast Nottingham service.

Pros – If your house sells on the day then you can normally expect to complete within 28 days.

Cons – You will have to pay a listing fee whether your house sells or doesn’t sell. You will normally have to market your property 15% below its value to generate interest. If it doesn’t sell then you may have tarnished your properties value.

Timescale – Most auction sales will take about 3 months if your property achieves a sale.

Cost – Marketing fee which is usually £1000 then 1.5% of the properties sale price.

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    Selling your commercial property fast in Nottingham?

    Here at Home House Buyers, we don’t just buy residential property, we also buy commercial property fast anything from retail units to land, we buy any property and sell your house fast for cash.

    We can buy most types of commercial units whether it is a shop, public house, garage or even an office we will be able to give you a quick house sale offer in Nottingham

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