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Rising Damp Property

Rising Damp Property

Rising Damp Property 

Rising damp property can be a nightmare to solve, here at Home House Buyers who are one the leading fast house buyer companies, we can buy your property and take that worry away to purchase your property quickly.

Rising damp property can and will if left affect the structure of any building. In older houses it’s a particular problem where the damp proofing or rising damp treatment has become damaged, this usually occurs when the ground level around the property has been raised due to a new path or driveway. The water from the ground works its way into the brickwork, stonework or through softened cement (mortar). Water from the ground often contains soluble salts which when drys out deposits on the surface of the walls, these salt deposits draws moisture from the atmosphere giving that permanent damp feeling to the walls which is a key indicator to identifying rising damp, this can be a big issue if you’re trying to find a fast house buyer in this marketplace.

Rising damp occurs from moisture in the atmosphere penetrating the structure of the building. Most properties are built of stone or brick which are naturally porous and will soak up moisture similar to a sponge, that’s why builders use a damp proof membrane when building. When the rising damp treatment or damp proof membrane does not exist or is damaged the water will penetrate the walls which result in rising damp.

Once rising damp property occurs it is unsightly, potentially unhealthy, leads to timber decay and causes heat loss in the property which will put off any potential quick house buyer. If you find rising damp in your property it’s always better to stop the rot and get it treated sooner rather than later because the longer you leave it the more damage it’s causing to your property. The most effective and reliable way of getting rid of this problem is to get a specialist in to treat the rising damp which can be expensive, but it’s covered by a guarantee.

Here at Home House Buyers we have 20 years experience in the quick house buyer market place and dealing with problem properties, call us today for a fast property sale quote or fill in our enquiry form and one of our friendly team will be in contact.

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