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Repossession Hotspots

Repossession Hotspots

Repossession Hotspots 2022

Data that has been gathered by the Ministry of Justice recently has shown the Repossession hotspots across the UK, possession orders and claims going through the court has increased dramatically in 2022. Details of repossession claims (4,757) and orders for possession (3,375) have risen by 6} and 26 respectively compared to 2016.

The City of London is obviously the highest rate of mortgage repossession claims, at 0.59 per 100,000 households, which equates to just 3 homes in every 100k. So with this such low percentage, we decided to replace its number one spot and find a higher percentage area.

As we read on in the report, we discover Middlesbrough repossession rate being 44.3 in every 100,000 homes have a repossession claim against them, which takes the top spot in the UK’s most popular repossession hotspot. Closely followed by Oldham which has a rate of 43.6 in every 100,000 homes, then Thurrock which has a rate of 43.2.

Down at the bottom of the top twenty are Stoke-on-Trent (34.5), Lincoln (33.4) and Wyre (32.6).

Home House Buyers have done some more research to find the fewest mortgage repossession claim areas to be : Islington (2.8 per 100,000 homes), Northamptonshire (2.6) and Cambridge at 1.8 and then to round off the research we found that the Isle of Scilly, Rutland and Tewkesbury were found to have no mortgage repossession claims.

Mortgage Repayment Problems

Having done some digging, we found according to StepChange failed mortgage payments and council tax arrears are the biggest sources of debt in any household across the UK, AT 31. Other bill areas are water (24.4), rent (22.2) and car finance (20.6) the average household debt amount, relative to mortgage, is a whopping £3,580.

However, further information from StepChange declares household mortgage or secured loan debt remains the highest priority bill, for homeowners in England and Wales and it is therefore concurrent that those who are struggling must seek advice – before it’s too late and house repossession occurs.

*This percentage signifying the number of StepChange clients who have this type of expenditure who are in arrears.

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