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Reading Property Hot Spot

Reading Property Hot Spot

Reading Property Hot Spot

Reading this year has had the biggest price rise in the U.K, with property prices up 13% in a year, but at the end of this month the house price index has shown them fall for the first time in over 5 years which was unexpected. The last two years have seen a lot of property investors fighting to invest in Reading property hot spot, which has increased the values there by over 25%. Property values over the whole of the U.K have continued to rise, but the pace of the increase has dwindled over the last 6 months. Here at Home House Buyers we have noticed the slump and struggling with our resale division if you are struggling with a fast house sale we buy any house in any condition or location.

A year ago, house prices a year ago were surging at 11.8% with the average U.K house price now being £195,055.

Figures from nationwide show Reading as the top performing city followed closely by Oxford, Coventry, Brighton, and Bristol which have all had a 10% increase annually but Reading

Some of the slower areas included Belfast, Sunderland, Nottingham where prices dropped as by 3-4 percent. The slowest regions of them all were Plymouth and Glasgow where there was no change what so ever.

The news in London was also not so pretty as the prices dropped from 12.7 percent to 7.3 percent. This news still doesn’t help first-time buyers as the average house cost is just under £430000.

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