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Quick House Sale Pros And Cons

Quick House Sale Pros And Cons


Quick house sale companies such as we buy any house, national home buyers or quick house sale. These kinds of companies have just started to become more popular as the housing market has begun to slow. Using a quick house sale company is the new route to sell your house fast.

Going down the traditional route through the estate agent isn’t always the best option for any vendor looking at selling their house fast.

Vendors looking at quick house sale companies such as Home House Buyers because we can buy any house within 10-14 days or in a timescale to suit their needs. Home House Buyers aren’t like a lot of our competitors which try to sell your property to investors behind your back we genuinely purchase your property with our own funds.

There are a few good companies out there like in any industry which are genuine fast house buyers.

Using a quick house sale company has its advantages as they offer to purchase your property quickly and will be paying cash, the only disadvantage is that they will be paying below market value.

Now depending on your situation Home House Buyers can be advantageous and the key to achieving a quick house sale. Have a look below at the situations highlighted, using a house buying company can give you an advantage when you are moving on:

  1. Buying on and finding your dream home, you would benefit from a quick house sale.
  2. Are you looking to emigrate?
  3. Retirement
  4. Divorce
  5.  You have inherited a property and would like to sell the property fast.
  6. Having financial problems 
  7. Problem neighbours or have a problem property
  8. Empty property
  9. Downsizing

We are writing this blog to inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of using any quick house sale company so any vendor looking at using this kind of service know the process and what’s involved.

Pros to using a Quick House Sale Company

There are a number of advantages when using Home House Buyers to buy your property fast. You can have the peace of mind that the sale is going to happen in a timescale to suit you the homeowner. These are the advantages which a quick house sale offers:

  1. If you are wanting to sell your inherited property fast.
  2. We can stop a house repossession or help you clear any outstanding debts.
  3. Are you struggling with a divorce or a break-up, a quick house sale can help cut all ties to your ex-partner.
  4. If you need to dispose of a property because of ill health Home House Buyers can help.
  5. If you have a problem property with either structural problems or a problem tenant we can help. We will buy any property within 14 days no matter what problem.
  6. Are you looking at moving to sunnier climates and want to sell your property fast, Home House Buyers can help you make that transition of moving abroad easy and hassle-free.


Cons of using a Quick House Sale Company

Although there are a lot of benefits of using a quick house sale company to buy your house, there are always going to be disadvantages too:

  1. Seller beware there are a lot of quick house sale companies out there which purport to purchase your house quickly but are in fact just broker acting for other investors on their books and may wish to reduce their price at the last minute. These companies also might charge fees that might not be clear at the start.
  2. Expect that any quick house sale company will be purchasing your property below the market value any company that offers you a price that is too good to be true be very wary.

As you can see there a number of advantages and disadvantages when using a quick house sale company. If you are going to go down the quick house sale route go through our sell house fast checklist and follow the guide below:

  • When getting a fast house sale price always shop around to find the best company which suits your quick house sale needs. Read some reviews on the company which you are going to deal with.
  • Always get an independent valuation done on your property so you know the true value, Rightmove is always good to determine what is selling in and around your area and at what price.
  • Check the company out.
  • Ask for your offer in writing before accepting it over the phone.
  • Be wary of companies that don’t come out to see your property. If you were going to spend thousands of pounds you would want to look at what you’re buying. This is a big tell when dealing with an unethical company.
  • Always when accepting a cash offer ask for proof of funding.
  • Don’t rush into a decision take your time, make sure going the quick house sale route is right for you.
  • If the company are promising to purchase your property within 7-14 days don’t sign a contract which is going to be longer than that.

If you’re looking at using Home House Buyers we will always come and view the property to introduce ourselves and to have a look around the property. Any offer we put forward will be in writing and presented with proof of funding that proves we are going to purchase your property. Home House Buyers always pays all of the fees within any transaction we agree to.

We hope this blog about the pros and cons of quick house sale companies has been helpful and questions about the process which we haven’t covered don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we can help with any query.

Home House Buyers buy all kinds of property not just residential, so if you’re looking to sell commercial property fast we can also help with this, call 08006121366 and speak to a member of our friendly team about your commercial property needs.




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