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Quick House Sale Liverpool

If you’re looking for a quick house sale Liverpool clients, call Home House Buyers on 08006121366 to get started.

How much you can get?

  • Receive a Cash Offer within 24hrs
  • Completion date to suit you
  • We pay all fees
Home House Buyers

The Team to Call for a Quick House Sale in Liverpool 

If you’re looking to move and wish to vacate and offload a property without delay, Home House Buyers are the quick house buyers you need to call. Over the years, we’ve purchased countless properties in varying conditions, ranging from dilapidated properties riddled with damp and structural movement to ones that are in pristine condition.

No matter the state of your home, we guarantee a quick house sale Liverpool homeowners. And we welcome commercial inquiries too. 

As we buy your property from you and always have the cash on hand to do so, there’s no need to market your property. This saves you the months of waiting you’d experience with estate agents. Our Liverpool quick house sale team can have a cash offer to you within 24-hours of your initial call. And we’ll aim to have the transaction completed within 14-28 days (though we’ll delay this if you need more time). 

The beauty of choosing a quick house sale Liverpool customers, is that there are no fees on our end to pay. On top of that, we pay your solicitor fees as well as the cost of having the EPC and survey completed. The amount you’re offered is the amount you’ll receive on completion day and any money saved can be put towards your new home. 

How Does a Liverpool Quick House Sale Work?

Quick House Sale LiverpoolThe process is fast and efficient and starts with you calling us on the number listed above and below. We’ll help you through the entire process, taking down any important details such as information about the property itself. Once we’ve done our research, we’ll come back to you with a no-obligation cash offer. If you’re happy with this offer, the next part of a quick house sale, Liverpool customers, is to get everything in writing. 

We’ll then instruct solicitors and arrange the EPC and survey – remember, these won’t cost you a penny. Once everything is in place, we’ll be ready to complete.

If you need longer, let us know as we’ll be happy to wait. Just know that everything is ready once you’re in a place to move forward. There will be no renegotiating or hidden fees if you delay such are the benefits of a Liverpool quick house sale. 

Who Pays the Fees?

Home House Buyers will pay ALL your fees – this includes solicitors’ costs as well as the cost of the EPC and survey. Plus, we have no fees of our own, unlike when dealing with estate agents. If you would like to discuss this further, do not hesitate to reach out to our team today. 


Does the Value of the Property Matter?

The short answer is no; it really doesn’t matter. Whether your home is worth £50,000 or over £1 million, we’ll be pleased to provide you with a quick house sale. Liverpool customers, we’ve purchased many properties over the years, from low-price flats and houses to large stately homes with eye-watering market values. Just know that, as with condition, the value won’t be an issue for us. 


What Situations Would Necessitate a Quick House Sale?

At Home House Buyers, we’ve dealt with many situations where it’s necessary to pursue a quick house sale. Liverpool customers have come to us over the years looking for help with selling their properties under all manner of circumstances, including: 

The above is by no means an exhaustive list; to find out if we can help with your situation, call Home House Buyers today. 

Why Come to Us for a Quick House Sale Liverpool Customers?

When you’re looking to secure a quick house sale in Liverpool, the last thing you want is to be struggling with the open market. The uncertainty of the open market is off-putting, and all the various hurdles you’ll encounter, the process can be both time-consuming and frustrating. Our team removes this uncertainty, guaranteeing a quick sale and a fair offer for your property. 

We’re backed by more than 20 years’ experience and over the years, we’ve amassed quite the reputation for assisting those looking for a quick house sale in Liverpool.

Not only do we buy any property regardless of condition or value, but we’ll make you a quick cash offer and provide a completion date to suit you. And we pay all your fees, so you’ll have a lot more cash on hand to spend on your new home. 

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