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We at Home House Buyers specialise in the quick property sale industry so if you need to sell your house fast we can help you achieve your goal.

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Are you looking for Quick House Buying Companies? Over the past ten years, the ways in which you sell your property has changed.

Your option used to be to sell through your local estate agent but now there are many different methods to choose from if you are looking to sell your property fast in today’s market.

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In today’s market when you are looking to sell, there are estate agents, express estate agents, online auctions, auctions, online estate agents and property cash buyers. So what do they all do and which is the best for you?

Express Estate Agents

This is a relatively new way to gain a sell house fast service on your property. So how does it work? It is very similar to your local high street estate agent where they will try and sell your property. The main difference is, is that you will be asked to list the property for below market value. The purpose of this is to try and stimulate interest and get your house sold fast. But what if it doesn’t sell? Then you will have tarnished your properties value.

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Online Auctions

Again this is a relatively new way of selling your house fast and there are many quick house buying companies that can offer this service. Rather than taking your property to an auction your quick house buying companies that specialize in these type of sales. Your house will be listed online with a low auction guide price. There will be a target date for the property to sell and it will hopefully reach the reserve that you have set. So what are the pros and cons? If it does sell then it may happen quickly and it will still be under auction conditions. If it doesn’s sell then you will have tarnished the properties value. Speaking to some of our quick house buying customers, they advise that they are still a bit sceptical about the service.

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One of the most popular Quick House Buying Companies is the traditional auction house. Rather than waiting for your buyers to come through the door, the aim is to get them all in the room at the same time. You will be asked to set your guide price low, with the hope of generating as much interest as possible. The only issue with doing this is that you will tarnish your properties value is if the property doesn’t sell. You will have to pay entry fees regardless of if the property sells or doesn’t. This fee is normally 1.5% + VAT. The positive news is that if your house sells on the day that it will more than likely complete within 28 days.

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Online Estate Agents

Again this is a new way to try and sell your house fast. If you are looking for Quick House Buying Companies they will allow you to sell your house fast then is this a viable option? Well, online agents seem to be becoming more and more popular with their cheap prices and their simple ways to sell your house fast. So how do they manage to sell your house for cheaper than an estate agent? Well, they don’t have shop fronts so they keep their fees down massively. In most circumstances, you will have to do the viewings and negotiate directly with the buyer. This is all well and good if you are wizarded at negotiations but if you aren’t then you may be selling yourself short. When looking for Quick House Buying Companies this might not be the best option as it’s similar to the open market (6 months turn around) but you will have to do the legwork yourself.

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Quick House Buyers

When looking for Quick House Buying Companies what should you look for?  When choosing Quick House Buying Companies make sure that you pick one that is going to buy your property for cash. Here at Home House Buyers, we are property cash buyers, able to buy your home fast. We complete in 14 days and pay all of the fees in the process. When shopping for property cash buyers make sure that they are buying your property for cash and that they aren’t trying to tie you into a long contract.

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Home House Buyers can help

It doesn’t matter what the reason is for selling your property as we can help. We can also complete in under two weeks if you need to sell your property quickly.

As a quick house buying company, we can also sell commercial property fast and we buy any type of commercial, whether a shop, garage or a building site you can call our office for a free cash offer on your commercial property.

Whatever your situation here at Home House Buyers we will have a solution to your problems so just call our freephone number 08006121366 or alternatively you can Email Us

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    Many of the quick house buying companies will offer to buy your house for cash and to cover all the fees in the process. This is the first question that you need to ask the company is, will you be buying my property for cash or will you be selling it on to an investor? Most property cash buyers don’t have the physical cash to complete the purchase of your property. Because of this they will try to get you under contract for a long period, to give them enough time to sell the property on. In most circumstances, this can take 3-4 months which isn’t exactly quick.

    The second thing to look into when looking for property cash buyers is who is going to pay all of your fees throughout the process and we here at Home House Buyers do. When selling a property you can incur fees upwards of a thousand pounds.

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