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Post Brexit Blues

Post Brexit Blues

Post-Brexit Blues

For those needing a quick house sales following Brexit what should you look to do to avoid the post Brexit Blues?

The 26th of June will be a date that will forever be synonymous with the UK’s love affair with the European Union. Despite several attempts to push for a second referendum, the country has decided that we will be better off alone.


It was always going to create some level of uncertainty and as we have seen then pound has dropped dramatically against the dollar and the euro, but what about the property market. Well for those needed a Quick House Sale it’s worrying times with buyers drying up and house sales seeing a dramatic fall. So what is causing these issues? Why are quick house sales on the decline? There are many contributing factors in our opinion and the main factor is fear. With the red top newspapers putting people in panic mode, there are many are worried that this could be the wrong time to make one of the biggest purchases of their life. If the market crashes then many would fear for their jobs so would a new house purchase be a wise idea? On the other side of the coin, you have buyers who are hoping the market might crash so that they might then be able to getter a better deal.

The Guardian said that ‘New buyer inquiries declined “significantly” during the month, it said, with 36% more respondents reporting a drop than an increase – the lowest reading since the financial downturn was beginning in mid-2008’. This goes to show that people really are holding out and seeing what is happening.

So what about if you are on the other side of the fence and need a quick house sales? The best thing to do in our opinion is to just sit tight and be patient. With interest rates going down this could increase the affordability factor for some buyers and push the banks to lend more. Although some of the UK’s Biggest lenders have been a tad sneaky and increased their mortgage rates. As the age, old, saying goes ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’ if the market isn’t working for you then look at different avenues. Estate agents will normally just advise you to drop your price even further and then if it doesn’t sell then you have just down valued your house. Here at Home House Buyers we can offer you a quick house sales and in turn, we will pay all of your fees from start to finish. We will complete in a matter of weeks and you could avoid paying those hefty estate agent bills.

Our Quick House Sale service will buy your property no matter the condition or location. We can buy terrace house, flats, shops and even detached houses. It doesn’t matter if your house has serious issues as we pay cash there isn’t a problem that we can’t solve. Over the years we have bought houses with structural movement, Japanese Knotweed, Damp and even those in need of a full-scale refurbishment project.

So if you did decide to go down the quick house sales route then how does it all work? Once you have filled in our offer form that a member of our quick house sale team with give you a call to talk to you about your property. If at all possible then we will pay a visit to the property to put forward our offer once we have seen the property inside and out. If you are happy with our offer then we get the ball rolling and instruct solicitors straight away. You can then pick your own completion date. Once you have had your survey (which we pay for) then we will exchange and complete. If you need help moving out then we can also offer you that service.

If you need to sell commercial property fast then we here at Home House Buyers can also help you to achieve that much needed quick house sale. Our buying team can help you with all of your commercial property needs, we buy shops, offices and even bars so just call a member of our team on 08006121366 for a free no obligation cash offer.


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