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London Property Hotspots

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London Property Hotspots

London Property Hotspots revealed by Home House Buyers

The ever changing market in London is sometimes a tricky place to predict where is the best place to put your money for capital growth. Here at Home House Buyers we will give you our predictions for the prime locations in the Capital ‘London Property Hotspots’.

Our first pick for the London Property Hotspots is Tottenham Vale, current prices per square foot are around £450 but with a new green development right near the train station, a new 1200 room student campus and also new developments with the local hospital, prices are bound to rise.

Alongside the residential developments, Tottenham Hotspur FC have a new stadium project underway which, should bring with it lots of new redevelopments, both domestic and commercial.

Home House Buyers predicts prices will rise to £800 per square foot over the next few years.

Euston is next on our tipped to be a London Property Hotspot and we predict a price rise of up to 50%. Current prices are sitting pretty at £1000 per square-foot but Home House Buyers predicts this could go up to £1500 over the coming years.  One of the main reasons for the increase in prices will be the arrival of the HS2 train. Ok, this isn’t due till 2026 but the commuter traffic will bring new development, new business and raise the prices.

Our final London Property Hotspots is, Woolwich. This has made our list due to the new cross rail scheme which bring Woolwich slap bang into the commuter zone.  Prices are currently standing at £650 per sq ft but we think prices could tip the £1000 per sq ft mark.

The new train line will mean that from Woolwich you will be able to to Canary Wharf in eight minutes as well as to the City in just under fifteen minutes. This is why it takes our final place in our London Property Hotspots list.

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