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London Prices Drop

London Prices Drop

London Prices Drop

Pre-election jitter could be to blame for a drop of nearly £150000 off the prices of some London’s most expensive property as we see London Prices Drop for the first time this year. Most blame Labour for the worries as their mansion tax policy over two million cause many to panic and attempt to fire sale their properties before the election. This caused a London Prices Drop and mainly in the centre of the capital as prices fell close to eight percent as we saw a central London Prices Drop from £1,738,783 to £1,599,193.

Those hit the hardest were the flats and maisonettes as most of them dropped on average 15 percent and this is even more worrying when flats make up 80% of this market. This fall is the worst in the past twenty years, even worse than the recession which saw London Prices Drop 12%.

The hardest hit region was the city of Westminster, which took a massive 18.5 percent drop over the past few months and then the Kensington and Chelsea follow closely behind at 12.5 percent.

What about the Candy & Candy’s famous One Hyde Park building, how did they fare? Well, some of their apartments took a drop to from ten million to nine million four hundred thousand. Still a tad out of our price range but we will keep on dreaming.

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