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Leeds Housing Market 2020

Leeds Housing Market 2020

Leeds Housing Market 2020

With a new decade laid out like a blank canvas, we give our predictions for what will happen in our home town of Leeds for 2020.

This will finally be the year when we stop talking about the ‘what may happen’ with Brexit as by the 31st of January we will watch it unravel.

We can only hope for a positive turn in the market with Leeds winning the bid for the Channel 4 head office, bring 300 new jobs with it. Channel 4 isnt the only hype in Leeds as it has also been voted ‘the best place in the country to start a business’ coming ahead of both London and Manchester in a report done by It saw that the tech and legal business in Leeds has seen the fastest growth across the UK.

New developments 

So will all of this good news translate into a buoyant Leeds Housing Market for 2020? Well, there are many new commercial and residential to keep an eye out for in Leeds in 2020.

Redcoate Lane – the former trampoline site will see 160 new apartments for the Leeds community. The planning was submitted by Morouj UK Ltd to regenerate the area in Kirkstall.

Pudsey – Hot off the press (well two days ago) there has been outline planning submitted for 74 houses on greenfield site. These plans have been submitted by Leeds City Council so I’m sure they will get passed.

One of the most exciting developments in Leeds is the Scarcroft Care Village which will hold 172 new houses for the elderly in one of the most exclusive parts in Leeds.

Hospitals – LGI has put in planning for a new site as well and St James has plans for a new pathology department.

White Rose Centre – The White Rose Centre is looking to generate more footfall by spending 22 million pounds to have a train link to the centre.

All of these exciting developments should increase the sell house fast Leeds market and boost sales, hopefully make Leeds the capital of the north.

Many are predicting that what media is calling the ‘Boris Bounce’ will have a positive effect on the housing market for the next few quarters. The pound is holding strong and as such we are also seeing confidence flowing back into the housing markets and hopefully, it will trickle into the quick house sale Leeds market.

Highs and Lows 

Some areas of the sell house fast Leeds market have already seen a spike with some of the top-performing areas seeing increases as high as 15%. Killingback and Seacroft have seen this dramatic rise in prices over the past year. Other areas such as Middleton and Moortown have also seen great rises of up to 14% in the past year. At the other end of the spectrum areas such as Gipton and Harehills have seen prices slump by 11%, so it may be best to do your research before you buy bricks there.

All of us here at Home House Buyers have our own predictions for that is likely to happen to the sell house fast Leeds housing market in 2020 but one thing we do know is that it will be full of surprises.


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