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Land Buyers

Land Buyers

Land Buyers

Here at Home House Buyers we will buy your land for cash, as land buyers we realise land is a commodity that they aren’t making more of. We buy all kinds of developable land within any remit, we buy all over the U.K doesn’t matter what location.

Greenfield land

Brownfield land


Contaminated land

Industrial sheds

Car parks Institutional buildings

Redundant factory/warehouse/office premises

Large and dated residential dwellings

As land buyers we have the funding to purchase within 14 days subject to relevant surveys, there are no fees to be paid by yourself we cover all the costs. Home House buyers can you sell your commercial property fast regardless of the what type of property you own we can help you with your quick sale please contact us to discuss your property/land for a free cash offer. We understand that time is of the essence for a fast land sale so we do our utmost to see the sale go through as quickly as possible. Selling is fast and simple when you use Home House Buyers.

You can try to control the time-scale, which means you can get the sale closed in the timeline suitable to you. We understand that you might need to sell your commercial property fast for cash flow or any other purpose. So call Home House Buyers so we help you take advantage of a profitable opportunity by arranging a quick sale for you.

Issues when selling commercial property & land

Getting hold of a commercial loan in these straightened times is not easy. And that difficulty is likely compounded where your need to refinance an existing loan is clouded by threats of repossession. Unfortunately, that is a situation that very many commercial property owners are finding themselves in. All too often most lenders are looking to cut their exposure to the commercial property market.

FEES, Commercial agents will also qualify interested parties, arrange viewings and take a central mediating role in the price negotiations when a prospective purchaser has indicated a commitment to buy the property in question. But there is a price to all these services – commercial estate agents will typically charge 1-2% of the value of the sale as a fee. Solicitors fees with the work it entails to see your property through to completion can rack up thousands of pounds, which can make a big dent in the money you are left with. EPC this has become statutory in any property sale and dealing with the large square footage of commercial property could cost you a pretty penny.

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