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How to increase the value of your home and sell faster for under a grand!

How to increase the value of your home and sell faster for under a grand!

How to increase the value of your home and sell faster for under a grand!

The housing market is a never a stable place but there are always things that you can be doing to improve the saleability of your property.

Declutter – Your home is a living space, not a storing space – Try and give your buyers the best impression of the potential that your house has to offer. If you are lacking in the square footage department then it can be a good idea to declutter. Make use of any storage space that you have by putting things in the loft, garage, shed or even any storage cupboards.

People often buy into lifestyles so if you try and project a positive and exciting lifestyle then it can help you to get some offers in.

Cost – £0

A lick of paint – A lick of paint can go a long way and can be a cheap method of sprucing up your home for a sale. The age-old saying of first impressions count and that still rings true to this day. Over the years we have found that light and neutral houses seem to sell a lot better. It gives people a blank canvas to get creative with your space. Try and avoid unusual colors such as purples, oranges, and bright greens as they can be off-putting for buyers.

We have found that a freshly painted front door will also help to give buyers a good first impression.

Cost -£100

Fix up and look sharp – We all have those small jobs which we have neglected to get round to doing and if you are like me then there are more than a few. Things such as loose nails, wobbly door handles, cracked tile and threaded carpets. Although these might seem small and insignificant it could stop potential buyers from looking deeper for more faults with your property.

Give the whole house a deep clean. Get all of the family involved and dust, clean, wipe and wash until your house sparkles. A few fresh linen plug-ins go a long way also.

Cost -£50-100

The kitchen is the heart of the home – For many, the kitchen is one of the most important features when shopping for a new house. According to some online surveys, the kitchen is the most important feature when you are looking to sell your property.

If your kitchen cabinetry is dated then this should be your first port of call. Its cheaper than installing a new kitchen but it can help to give your kitchen a new lease of life. Old colored tiles can be an eyesore, however, if they are crack free then it might be an idea to use a light colored tile paint to give them a clean and fresh look.

Cost – £200-300

Light and airy – If you are struggling with square footage then why not try and add a few mirrors in the smaller rooms to give the impression that there is more space. A good deep clean of the windows inside and out can also add to leave the buyer with a lasting impression. Might sure all of your bulbs are working and put a lamp in any dark corners.

Cost – £20

Smell has the best memory– Going back to first impressions, the smell of your house is possibly one of the most important first impressions. We wouldn’t eat a meal that smelt bad would we? Smelly shoes by the door, dog beds and bins should all be placed out of sight and out of smelling distance. A few plugins, room perfumes, and odor neutralizers will go along way. Vanilla is one of the best scents when selling a property so we advise investing a few plug-ins.

Cost – £20

Showing the property off – This is possibly one of the most important things when looking to sell a house. Pick the best agent and that isn’t the one that gives you the highest price. Have a look at how many they have on their books that are sold. Also, have a look at how they advertise their properties online. Do they have floor plans, do they take good pictures and are the pictures good?

Obvious conversions – The use of your internal space is critical when trying to sell your property. If you are in a two bedroom property with once oversized bedroom, then it might be worth considering putting up a stud wall and converting it into a three bed is also a good idea. Make use of space that is previously unused. It’s becoming more and more popular to work from home.

Green Fingers – A scruffy garden isn’t very inviting at all. We always advise to give it a little spruce up and make it more presentable. Even if you don’t have green fingers then a little can go a long way, mow the lawn, de-weed and just a general tidy up will help. What we advise is when you are looking to come onto the market then do an open day and on for that open day, get a gardener round for a good tidy up.

Cost – £100

Staging – This is a relatively new method that is used widely in the USA for those looking to try and stimulate a quicker sale. This is when you outsource a company to dress your property with the goal of helping your property to sell that bit faster. This method is for those that are trying to sell an empty property and also a property that doesn’t need a full refurbishment project. This can be a costly procedure so it is normally used by houses that are a little higher value.

Total outlay – £640

If you have any tips that have worked for you over the years then please get in touch and let us know


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