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How to Sell Your House Fast

How to Sell Your House Fast

How to Sell Your House Fast

Are you looking for a How to sell your house fast company? Here at Home House Buyers, we can offer you a ‘How to sell your house fast’ service, to complete on your property in a matter of weeks.


If you are looking to sell your house fast then we offer an alternative to using your mainstream estate agents.  If you need to sell your house but are worried about being able to achieve a sale. Many houses are taking months if not years to sell in certain areas. According to Home even in the capital, it can take over 170 days before you achieve a sale. Also worth noting that you once you have agreed on a price it can then take a further three months to complete the sale with the solicitors. So what’s the best method to How To Sell Your House Fast?

How To Sell Your House Fast timescales

So what’s the best method to How To Sell Your House Fast? Our unique ‘How To Sell Your House Fast’ service allows you to pick your own completion dates on your property, whether you want to complete on your property in a matter of weeks or months, you decide. We can also help you with your onward move by releasing the money you need to rent from the sale. This allows you to secure a property before you move out.

How To Sell Your House Fast fees

If you choose to sell your property through our How To Sell Your House Fast service then you don’t incur any fees to sell. We pay for the solicitors, survey fees and even cover the cost of the EPC. This can save you thousands from what you would have to pay to your estate agents, which can be as much as 3% of the sale price. So depending on the price of your house you could save tens of thousands of pounds.

How To Sell Your House Fast with an Estate Agent

Estate agents can sometimes achieve a quick house sale. However even if they manage to sell your house fast, the legal process for most mortgage buyers can take a further 6-8weeks. So if you need a sale in less than two months then this might not bee the best option.

How To Sell Your House Fast with an auction house

Many people who are looking for a’How To Sell Your House Fast’ service sometimes look down the auction route. So what are the pros and the cons? OK, so let’s start off with the good points, in most circumstance IF you achieve a sale then you can hope to complete within 8 weeks (4 week marketing period and 4 weeks legal). If your house doesn’t sell then you will still need to pay the listing fee and you could have tarnished its value. Post-Brexit the auction’s sales have softened according to the financial times.

How To Sell Your House Fast if it’s a commercial property

Unlike most other ‘How To Sell Your House Fast’ companies we can help you to sell commercial property fast. As we are cash buyers we can buy most types of commercial properties, including shops, offices, garages and even plots.

Looking for a ‘How To Sell Your House Fast’ service as I’m getting repossessed?

We can help. It’s all about time and the best thing to do is to call a member fo our team on 0800 612 1366 for a free no obligation cash offer. In most circumstances, we can stop your house from getting repossessed.

What type of properties does your How To Sell Your House Fast service buy?

We buy any house. It doesn’t matter what shape or size. As cash buyers, we aren’t restricted to the types of houses we can buy. We buy any terraced house, flat, semi or even bungalow. We can also buy problem properties such as those with damp, Japanese knotweed, subsidence and even those in need of a full-scale refurbishment project.

Tips to help you to sell house fast

So what else can you do tp try and sell you house fast? Well, for many it can just be down to the little things at your property that are putting people off and stopping you from selling your house fast.

Deep Clean – This may sound trivial but one of the top things that put vendors off is a dirty house. For most people, the viewing a house that is need of a deep clean can put forward an offer. We suggest having a spring clean if possible. A cost of a full deep clean should cost around £200 in total. This will be money well spent when it comes to getting a good first impression. Scents are also key when it comes to trying to sell house fast.

Scents are also key when it comes to trying to sell house fast. If you smoke then try to air your house out before a viewing, and think of investing some money in a few decent plug-in air fresheners.

De-clutter – If you are thinking how can I sell my house fast’ give it the best possible chance by showing your house off. Houses full of clutter can give the impression that your property is smaller than what it actually is. As a suggestion to help you to sell house fast then look at boxing up all of your unused items and storing them in the loft of the garage. This can help you to allow your house to have a better sense of space.

A little goes a long way – Most people think it will cost thousands to completely refurbish the property. This is true in a way but if you’re are looking to sell house fast then there is another option. A fresh coat of internal paint and hire a carpet shampoo can help to give your house a new lease of life.

Scruffy Gardens – These are a big NO NO. Consider getting a gardener to put in a few hours work to neaten it up and make it a feature rather than an eyesore.

The cost of using a How to sell your House Fast Company?

Many people think that selling your house fast through a sell house fast company then you will look to receive a lot less than if you were to sell your house on the open market. This isn’t always the case. If you factor in all of the costs sometimes it is just as beneficial to use our how to sell your house fast.

Using a local estate Agent to sell your house can work out to be more expensive than you think. Selling a house at £200000 through an estate agent on average will cost you around 3% commission. This will work out around £6000 and then you will have VAT on top totalling £7200. You will then have additional fees on top of the estate agents cost such as solicitors, surveys and EPC. This could total up to £10000 to sell your property. Choosing to sell house fast through our How to Sell Your House Fast service means you will save this money.




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