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How to Sell Your House Fast 2016

How to Sell Your House Fast 2016

How To Sell Your House Fast 2016

Are you looking to sell your house fast? Here at Home House Buyers we will be having an in-depth look at the ‘how to sell your house fast 2016’ market and look into which option could be the best for you if you are looking to sell house fast.


The housing market has seen more twists and turns in 2016 than any other market since the dark days of 2008. There have been so many twists and turns in 2016 its hard to keep track of where the market is. So what have been the key things that have affected the ‘How to Sell Your House Fast 2016’ property market.


This has to be the most popular word of the British public in 2016. So popular that it has found its way into the English Dictionary  – Brexit noun [ S ] /ˈbrek.sɪt/ an exit (= act of leaving) by the United Kingdom from the European Union (short for “British exit”). On the 23rd June 2016, the UK decided to leave the European union and stand on its own two feet. This decision sent shockwaves around the world and even more so to the UK sell house fast market. So why has Brexit affected the property market? Well ,it has affected the sell house fast market in many ways. the main being the confidence the UK has in the property market. We have seen sales slow down dramatically over the past 6 months as buyers and sellers alike have been losing confidence. Many first time buyers have backed out of sales, worrying that they may lose their jobs. On the other side of the buyers, those moving up the chain are holding out to see if the market crashes and they can get a better deal. Bad news for those looking to sell house fast.

Second Tier Stamp Duty

This won’t effect that many people looking to sell house fast. However, there will still be a number of people that it has affected. So what is second tier SDLT? For anyone purchasing a second home, you will have an additional rate of stamp duty to pay, increasing the purchase price of your property. This again is bad news for those looking to sell house fast. Many people looking that second home or nest egg have been put off buying, taking more buyers out of the market. So if you are looking to sell house fast you may be in for a long wait on the open market.

Buy to Let Tax Changed 2017

It seems the government seem to push and pulling the property from all areas with proposed changes to the Buy to Let Tax due in April 2017. So what are the new Buy to Let Changes? Landlords will not be able to off their mortgage as a cost. So what does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, it means that if you have a mortgage on your property then you will pay more tax than what you are used to. So what affect is this having on the sell house fast market? Well, it means that many Landlords are choosing to sell their properties rather than make a loss. This is likely to increase the stock on the open market and drive prices down.

End of the Help to Buy Scheme

Just when you thought the government couldn’t make things any harder for those looking to sell house fast. The help to buy scheme is due to end in December of 2016 which is likely to affect those looking to trying to ‘How to Sell Your House Fast 2016’. The scheme is to end officially on the 31st of December and after this point, it will be the end of the 5% deposit scheme. So what does this mean if you are looking to sell house fast? It’s likely to reduce the number of buyers on the open market and will affect those looking to sell their entry level home to a first-time buyer.

How to Sell Your House Fast

So with so many changes to the housing market, we can many vendors asking us ‘How to Sell Your House Fast 2016’? There are many ways in which you can do this but we have suggested the top two choices.

Sell House Fast Company

We here at Home House Buyers can offer you a sell house fast service. So what is a sell house fast service? Well, we will offer to buy your house fast and to pay all of the fees in the process. We can offer you a sell house fast service to complete on your property in a matter of days. What about the condition of my property? It doesn’t matter about the condition of your property as we will buy it no matter the condition. Call a member of our team today on 0800 612 1366


The second best option is to try your property with a local auction house. The positives are that if your house sells then you could look to receive the money withing 28 days. Are there any negatives? Unfortunatley you will have to pay a listing fee whether the property sells or doesn’t. You will also have to pay a fee if it sells and if it doesn’t sell then you may have permenantly tarnished your properties value.

If you need to sell house fast and don’t want to take any chances then we here at Home House Buyers can offer you a sell house fast service to suit your specific needs. Call free on 0800 612166 for a free no obligation cash offer on your property today.

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