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How to Fix House Issues Before They Get in the Way of a House Listing

How to Fix House Issues Before They Get in the Way of a House Listing

How to Fix House Issues Before They Get in the Way of a House Listing

When you’re looking to sell your home quickly, then it’s beneficial to first attend to any major issues. This is particularly true when the one in question will put someone off the property due to either safety concerns or other potential long-term consequences.

Leaving a home on the market for too long leads to the listing going stale, so it’s worth fixing any problems early (or hiring professionals who can). The property holding costs alone that occur while you are not able to sell make it worthwhile.

Here are some potential issues in the house that might be problematic and should be tackled soon.

Slow Water Leak

If you’ve realised the property has a slow water leak but you’ve failed to discover where it’s coming from, then you’re in a bit of a pickle! Clearly, you cannot sit on this for too long. While you may have gotten used to using a handy bucket to collect the water, emptying that infrequently is hardly a real solution. The house also might not be sellable in this state either.

When you’re unable to locate the problem but you know it’s there, then you’ll need a water leak detection service to come out. They can use a thermal device to detect heat anomalies within your property to help pinpoint the source of the leak.

A company like Pinpoint can both locate and repair the leak, preventing any further damage to your property. In addition, they offer a rapid response service designed to keep time and hassle to a minimum. The sooner you get it resolved; the less water-related damage might be done.

Water-related Damage

After an active water leak, there will be damp areas that need drying out. Mould can begin to develop in just 24 hours when excess moisture is not dealt with promptly. Water can travel a surprising distance and work its way into and through different building materials like plaster and insulation in the walls, places near the water pipes, and down through the flooring above. Water damage may not be immediately obvious too if it’s below the surface.

Don’t leave it days to get people to perform repairs and replace any necessary building materials. In addition, you may consider using specialist drying equipment to reduce the moisture level both before and after the repairs are complete.

Loose Steps, Flooring or Tiles, etc.

Any steps up to the property which are loose need to be fixed. These might be at the front, back or side of the house depending on the exterior layout. They present a safety hazard which could become an issue at a future open house.

A slate on the wooden flooring could have worked itself loose over the years. It might wobble and be unsafe for an older person to step onto. Bathroom floor or wall tiles should also be examined to see if any need fixing or replacing.

Once everything is in top shape, then a property listing shouldn’t be a problem at all. Also, you have the option to sell for cash if you need to close sooner rather than later.

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