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How To Add Value to Your Property in 4 Easy Steps

How to add value to your home

How To Add Value to Your Property in 4 Easy Steps

How To Add Value to Your Property in 4 Easy Steps

Over time our once-dream home can turn into our worst nightmare. Whether it doesn’t have enough space, you’ve grown tired of the surroundings, or due to personal relationships with others in your neighbourhood – you might be motivated to sell for many different reasons.

Regardless of your reasons, when you come to sell, you’re going to want to sell for the highest asking price possible, which can be difficult if your property is looking a little worse for wear. Due to this, you might want to make a few improvements to ensure you obtain the highest price possible. But significant home improvement projects can be expensive, so how do you know which ones to undertake that won’t put you out of pocket but still add value to your home?

To help, we outline several easy steps to add value to your property, including getting a cavity wall installation through free insulation grants and sprucing up your outside space; keep reading to find out more.

Get A Cavity Wall Insulation

Compared to other well-known methods of boosting the value of your property, like loft extensions, fitting a new kitchen, making it more open plan etc., getting cavity wall insulation is one of the lesser-known methods. In basic terms, cavity wall insulation is where a specialist company will drill holes into your property’s exterior walls, inject insulation into them then seal the holes with cement.

Since a third of all your home’s heating is lost through the walls, many homeowners opt to get cavity wall insulation to reduce the costs of their monthly heating bill and save energy. As a result, this can be very appealing to potential buyers since we all want a warm and energy-efficient home in the process!

Plus, for some homeowners in the UK, getting cavity wall insulation doesn’t have to cost much – if not anything! But how do you know if you’re eligible? Using the website of providers like Free Insulation Scheme, UK homeowners can check their eligibility for free insulation schemes using their built-in checker and find out more about the process.

Consider visiting their website to learn more about free cavity wall insulation grants available for UK homeowners, read customer testimonials, and much more. Or contact them directly to see how their services could help increase the value of your property today.

Spruce Up Your Outside Space

When preparing a home for sale, many homeowners tend to focus on the interior of their homes and fail to pay equal attention to the exterior. However, potential homeowners will look at the entire property when putting down an offer, so it is vital that you spruce up your outside space and the interior to increase your home’s value.

Especially after the global pandemic’s restrictions on the UK population over the last couple of years, more and more property buyers are looking for homes with outdoor areas due to their benefits. So, if one of these buyers were to come and view your property and they’re met with an outside space that doesn’t match their expectations, you could find yourself missing out on a sale.

Or you might be met with an offer lower than what you were hoping for since the buyer will remove any expected costs to spruce up the outside space from the figure. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you tidy up your outdoor area to the best of your abilities, including mowing the lawn, repairing anything that is broken, neatening borders, and much more to ensure that your property gets the price it deserves.

Convert The Loft

A smart way of adding value to your home is by converting your loft into an additional bedroom, home office, children’s playroom etc. Depending on the loft conversion you opt for, you can add around 20% to 25% more value to your home – although, for accurate figures, it is best to contact a professional in your area.

Ultimately, properties with loft conversions are desirable because of the space they create within a property. It gives homeowners much more freedom and reduces the likelihood of having to move if the family expands. Not to mention, many properties don’t require planning permission to undergo a loft conversion – which can reduce the cost of the home improvement project overall.

Add A Parking Space

Another tick on the homebuyer checklist is parking because there are currently 29.6 million vehicles registered in the UK as of this writing. If your potential buyer is part of this figure, they’ll need storage space for their car. Therefore, if your property doesn’t already have a parking space, adding one is an excellent way to add value.

Even if your buyer can’t drive themselves, they will more than likely appreciate having the extra space so that when friends or family come to visit, they will have an area to leave their vehicles, which is safe and free to use. You can create a parking spot by converting part of your front garden into a driveway or exploring other options.

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