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How realistic are Zoopla’s Valuations?

With the state of the UK housing market in 2023, how accurate is a valuation with Zoopla when selling your house on the open market?

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As we are sure you are aware from the news, the UK housing market is currently seeing a decline in 2023. Various news sources and YouTube channels are focusing on recent housing data from companies such as the Halifax. so the question is…how accurate are on the market valuations?

Zoopla provides a house value or price estimate which it believes is the current value of a house if it were to be listed for sale on the market. The figure provided is a range, with a high and low indicated, so you can get an idea of what the house could be worth. 

This could be a great starting point if you’re interested in selling your house and want to have a general idea of the potential sale price. However, it’s important to remember that Zoopla’s price estimate is just that – an estimate – and is based on factors like recent house sales in the area, the last sold price of your house, and the current market conditions.

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First, when asking yourself how accurate is a Zoopla estimate, you need to keep in mind that Zoopla does not take into account the condition of your home. A property that needs major repairs or renovations can be valued differently than one that is in excellent condition. Additionally, Zoopla does not consider any potential upgrades or changes you may have made to the home. 

Second, Zoopla does not factor in any improvements you have made to the surrounding area. If you have landscaped the garden, installed a new fence, or built a deck, none of these improvements will be taken into account. 

Third, Zoopla says it gets its estimated valuations from region, property type and asking prices of similar properties in your local area. This is an automated process by Zoopla’s property valuation system called Hometrack.

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Finally, Zoopla does not take into account the unique selling points of your home. Things like an attractive view, close proximity to local amenities, or a desirable school district can all influence the value of a home, but Zoopla will not consider any of these factors.

In conclusion, while Zoopla can be a useful tool to give you an estimate of your home’s value, it’s important to remember that the figure given is an estimate and does not take into account any of the factors mentioned above. We hope that gives you some insight into how reliable a Zoopla valuation is. 

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