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Housing Market Disaster for Buy To Let

Housing Market Disaster for Buy To Let

Housing Market Disaster for Buy To Let

The Buy-To-Let housing market are keeping its fingers crossed this week and hope that Labour don’t get elected as it could cause a housing market disaster.

Property experts believe a government run by the Labour party will put this sector of the housing market into turmoil as they wreak havoc on peoples attractive investments. The probable mismanagement of the economy by Miliband and the likely chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls, which will create a interest rate rise and a sharp correction in the property market this will have a massive detrimental effect for Buy-TO-Let investors.

This is a worrying prospect for vendors trying to sell houses fast as this deters the investors away from the housing market, which is good news for us at Home House Buyers as there is less competition.

Labour has also hinted that it intends to medal in the private rental market, it has suggested that they intend to cap rental increases that landlords can impose, introduce longer leases and remove tax relief for those who fail to look after their properties. This will again have a negative affect on buyers looking for investment properties not only in London but around the rest of the country, vendors looking for that quick sale will struggle as potential buyers will be thin on the ground.

Here at Home House Buyers do agree that the rental market has got out of hand, renters do deserve a fairer deal as most of there income is going towards paying the rent. Few agree with us at Home House Buyers, with some people not wanting Labour to interfere in the private landlord market which could back fire spectacularly and could cause a property price crash across the whole housing market sector causing a housing market disaster.

Since the housing market disaster we have seen in our life time in 2008, Britain has seen an increase and has been transformed into a nation of amateur landlords. This has been fuelled by a cocktail of cheap mortgage deals, ridiculously low interest rates and a generation of first time buyers been priced out of the housing market. Home buyers are getting priced out of the market as the demand for Buy-TO-Let investor are scrambling over every property coming onto the market, this creates a quick house buyers sale for sellers going onto the market.

So if you are struggling to sell your house fast to avoid a housing market disaster then visit Home House Buyers or call 0800 6121 366 and we’ll do our up most to make you a quick house buyers offer.




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