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Fast House Sale London


Fast House Sale London

Fast House Sale London

Is the tide changing for those needing a Fast House Sale London? Property prices in London are falling for the first time this year with some homes going down as much as 10% in the capital. We here at have been looking into the reasons why and to see if there are any other ways to selling your house. 

We feel the main cause of this is down to the changes in the stamp duty threshold, so much so that the prices are falling faster than what they when were last in financial crisis in 2008.

Those struggling the most to get a Fast House Sale London seems to be those properties that are going on the open market for £1-million-pound mark. As an example if someone was was looking to buy a property for £2-million-pound mark then they now have to stump up an extra £153,750 to pay for the stamp duty. This is over 50% higher than the previous amount the year before. 

It’s seemed to mainly be the family houses that are struggling to get a Fast House Sale London. Alongside this we have also seen the level of FTB (first time buyers) is down a massive 17% and we here at think this is down to the affordability of the properties combined with the stamp duty. 

Revision to stamp duty recently has contributed to widespread, stagnation of higher valued houses, both in London and the country, where many properties are finding it hard to achieve a Fast House Sale London. 

Government data has shown that this is the first fall in prices since 2012, this is causing sellers to drastically reduce the price on their properties in order to achieve a Fast House Sale London. This a grave change from a year ago when people were getting sealed bids on their properties. 

Figures from the estate agent Haart show that prices dropped in total by 2.3% in June alone. So what can you do if you are looking to achieve a Fast House Sale London? We here at Home House Buyers normally advise against dropping the price. Why? Well, it devalues your stock essentially, and one the price has been put down it’s hard to put it back up. The reason for this is any reduction in price will leave a footprint on the open market so people will be able to see what you have tried to sell it for. So how about auctions? Well, they can be a good option if your house is in need of a lot of work as people tend to go to auctions trying to find a bargain. U will have to set your property price quite low to gain interest and then you will have to pay entry fees whether the property sells or not. 

So apart from the open market and the auction routes are there any others ways to sell your property fast? The simple answer is, yes there is! For a Fast House Sale London you can always look to sell the property to a cash house buyers. We here at home house buyers are fast house buyers and that means we can offer you a cash price on your property within a matter of days. How does a Fast House Sale London work? All you need to do is put your details in here and we will give you a call to advise what kind of prices we could be looking to achieve for you. We also pay all fees in the process. That includes solicitors fees, survey fees and we even cover the cost of the EPC. One of the best benefits with our Fast House Sale London service is that you avoid using an estate agent which can save you tens of thousands of pounds. 

It doesn’t matter the condition of your property, whether it needs a full refurbishment or whether it’s in grade A condition we will be able to offer you a quick house sale in London. In most circumstances, we can offer a completion within 1-2 weeks but you have up to three months to pick your own completion date.

As a cash buying company, we can also offer to sell your commercial property fast as we can buy any type of commercial unit. Just click here to find out more Commercial.

If you would like to know more about out services then you can call us on 0800 6121 366.




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