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Fast House Buyers Service

Fast House Buyers Service

Fast House Buyers Service

If you need a fast house buyers service look no further than Home House Buyers they are a reputable quick house sale company. They will offer to buy your property in as little as 14 days at a discounted price. Here is a guide on the pros and cons of a quick house sale.

What are quick house sale companies?

Fast house buyers will give you a BMV cash offer to buy your house or will find you an investor to buy the house instead. They will purchase any kind of property anywhere in the country in any condition and will pay all the fees in the process.

Pros and cons of using a quick house sale company


Fast house buyers provide a useful service for vendors looking to unlock cash quickly. For example:

  • Home owners looking to avoid repossession or having financial problems
  • An un wanted costly inheritance property which needs disposing of quickly
  • Health related reasons or just old age and don’t want the hassle of going down the traditional routes.
  • Need to move or looking at emigrating
  • Divorce
  • Need to relocate because of a job opportunity
  • Unable to sell on the open market due to short lease, in a high risk flood zone, subsidence issues etc


In any industry there unscrupulous traders who don’t care about providing a good service to their clients, so beware of these companies do you research, read some reviews, speak to their previous clients and ask for proof of funding before agreeing a deal.

Tricks Of The Trade

  • Some fast house buyers will agree a price to purchase your property but then will reduce it at the last minute
  • Look out for false property valuations
  • Hidden fees

Is using a fast house buyers company right for you?

The majority of fast house buyers are reputable and will adhere to their side of the bargain.

To answer your question is this the right method of sale for you, you need to ask yourself:

  • Are you willing to wait on the open market for up to a year
  • Can you afford the fees
  • Can you make your house ready for sale

Using fast house buyers:

  • Sale within 14 days
  • No hassle
  • No fees


Alternatives to a fast house buyers

Use a traditional estate agent

You could always go down the traditional method of selling your property on rightmove through an Estate Agent.

This method will achieve the most for your property but be prepared for the long haul as the average house sale takes around 6-9 months.

Their fees are around 1.5 – 2 % of the sale price and then don’t forget you have to pay solicitors fees on top, which are about £1000.

If you are to go down this route and accept an offer, make sure you understand every stage of the process here are some questions to ask your estate agent:

  • Ask what position the buyer is in, whether its mortgage or cash
  • Ask if they are in a chain
  • Does the buyer have a mortgage offer


Negotiate with your mortgage company

If the reason you are selling is because of financial problems or looking at getting repossessed don’t hesitate, call your lender and speak to them to discuss your options. They could help you set up a repayment plan and extend your mortgage term or you could request a revised way you pay your mortgage.

Top tips if you’re going ahead with a fast house buyers company


If you decide to go down the quick house sale method here are a few tips to follow during the process:

  • Do your own research to what the value of the property actually is, the majority of vendors over value their property.
  • There are lots of fast house buyers out there so shop around
  • If the company is a broker ask to see the prospective buyers credentials
  • Be prepared to negotiate don’t be shy
  • Take your time in making any kind of decision
  • Read any agreement carefully so you get a full understanding of what you are signing
  • Be honest make sure you don’t give incorrect information or leave important information about the property out because this could either create a hold up or a reduction in your offer.

Questions to ask the fast house buyers company


During each stage of the process make sure you have all the information so you are up to speed with what’s going on, here are some question to ask the fast house buyers:

  • Who’s buying my property? Are they or a third party?
  • If they are buying it ask for a proof of funds any cash buyer could produce this easily.
  • If someone else is buying it how quickly can they complete and what guarantee can they give? Do they have cash readily available?
  • When can the sale be completed, you need a date.
  • Is the valuer RICS registered
  • Is the offer conditional
  • Do you pay all the fees? Are there any hidden costs?


If you are looking for a fast house buyers try Home House Buyers they are genuine cash buyers that can complete within 14 days with no stress or hassle in the process.



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