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Fast House Buyers Companies

Fast House Buyers Companies

Fast House Buyers Companies

The ways that you can sell your house are forever changing. With fast house buyers companies, online auctions, express estate agents and new budget estate agents popping up daily. Which such choose and how do they all work?

Fast House Buyers Companies – fast house buyers are a new breed of companies that will offer to purchase your house for cash. Unlike a high street estate agent, fast house buyers won’t market your property they will aim to offer you a cash price for your home and look to complete in a few weeks. So how does a use a fast house buyers company actually work? A fast house buyer will normally offer you a price on your property within a matter of weeks and will normally offer to pay all of the fees. So what is the Fast House Buyers incentive to buy your house? Well, a fast house buyer will normally offer you a discounted price on your property to stimulate a quick house sale. The normally offers between 10-30% below market value pending on the value of the property and the location that your house is. Most Fast house buyers will also offer to pay all of the fees in your sale process. So what fees are involved in a fast house buyers service? The fast house buying company will normally offer to pay for your solicitor fees, survey costs and should also look to pay for the cost of your energy performance certificate.

Pro’s – You will normally achieve a sale within 2 -3 weeks of the transaction. You won’t have any fees to pay throughout the process.

Con’s – You won’t achieve full market value for the property.

Online Auction – Auctions have been around for many years however online auctions are a new way to sell house fast. So how does an online auction company work? Well, they will put your house on the market for a low figure in order to try and get vendors to put offers forward above the guide price. The aim is to get a bidding war and get people paying over and above the asking price. Is this new way to try and sell house fast and there are mixed reviews about this way to achieve a quick house sale.

Pro’s – You may have a bidding war on your property which could help you to sell house fast. In some cases, you can achieve over the asking price.

Con’s – Your house may not sell and you may tarnish your value if it doesn’t sell. If your property doesn’t sell then you may also have to pay auction costs.

Express estate agents – These are again a new way of selling your property. How it works that national companies put your properties on Rightmove at a low price in order to try and sell house fast. So does it actually work? Again, there are mixed reviews online from vendors. Some vendors managed to get a full market value and some haven’t managed.

Pro’s – You may sell your house fast. The fees may be cheaper than what you would normally pay to a traditional estate agent.

Con’s – If your house doesn’t sell then you may tarnish the value of the property. Most express estate agents don’t have local knowledge of your area so this could limit your buyers.

The housing market is ever changing and with most people starting to get put off by the large percentages that estate agents are offering. So what’s the best way to look out for which fast house buyers companies are offering you a good service and which are offering a bad service? We suggest, rather than looking on company websites for reviews, look at property forums to see what people say about the companies before you go ahead and sell your property with them.

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Our fast house buyers service will give you a free no obligation cash offer on your property within 24 hours. As a cash buying company, we can also pay all of the fees throughout the process. Just put your details in below and a member of our sell house fast team will call you to book an appointment. All of our offers are free of charge and come with no obligation. We can offer you a sell house fast completion within two weeks. If you don’t want a quick completion then we will be able to complete in a timescale that suits your needs. Whether this timescale is three months or three weeks we will be able to buy your property.

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