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Here at Home House Buyers, we do exactly what we say, we are a Fast House Buyer, as long as it’s a U.K address we can offer you buy your house fast.

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So what does it mean Fast House Buyer? Well its a new way of selling your property fast, we take all the stress away from the sale with NO FEES, that’s right NO FEES we pay for everything so you don’t incur any of the costs that a house sale brings, NO solicitors fees, No agents fees, NO survey costs, No EPC costs, we pick up every cost incurred.

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What kind of properties do you buy?

It doesn’t matter the type of property. Whether a flat, shop, house or a plot of land we can still buy it. Our service is simple, fill in our contact form, receive a cash offer from a member of our team then if you are happy with the offer then pick a completion date. We cover all fees connected with the sale so the completion time is quick.

Fast House Buyer doesn’t mean we just buy residential properties we also buy commercial properties to anything from a retail unit to land in any condition. It can be in a city centre location or be in the middle of nowhere. At Home House Buyers, we don’t care where or what condition the property/land is in we are Fast House Buyer so give us a call.

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What exactly is a Fast House Buyer?

In laymen’s terms it the process when you opt to sell your house quickly to a cash buyer. Many people are struggling to sell their houses in today’s market with issues like affordability in London and also with slow markets in other parts of England and Wales. More and more people are turning to a fast house buyer so that they can get a guaranteed quick house sale. A Fast House Buyer should be able to offer you a cash price for the sale of your property and give you a completion date that suits you. Here at Home House Buyers, we offer a guaranteed cash price for your property within a matter of days.

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So how do Fast House Buyer actually work?

The first step of the process is actually quite simple as it’s an arm’s length transaction. The step of the process is to put your details in here Offer. For there you will receive a call from a member of our fast house buyers team, who will take a few details down about your house. We will then go away and do some initial research on your property. We will then come back to you with a ballpark price and if it works for you then we will come out give you a firm cash offer in person. If our offer is accepted then we will instruct solicitors on the day and your house is as good as sold. It’s just down to you to pick a completion date that suits you and we will then work towards that date. On the day, you will receive your money and you hand over the keys, job done!

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So how does a fast house buyer compare against the competitors?

Auctions have been a favourite place for a fast house buyer from when time began, there a lot of good auction houses in the U.K. If you do decide to go down this route make sure you do the necessary checks, see what their success rate is a good auction house will sell 80+% of their lots and charge around 3% of the sale value. The costings of selling at auction can be more than going to the open market with an upfront fee of around £200-£500 for the marketing then the fee if they sell your property. Being in an auction doesn’t guarantee your property will sell, fast house buyer is there looking for a deal so be prepared to sell below market value. Like with most of our competitors, the key to increasing your chances of selling your property is to price your property realistically and auctions will advise you to guide and reserve the price of your property on this basis.

Estate Agents are salesmen in disguise they will tell you what price you want to hear whether it’s achievable or not just to win your business, once they have won your business you are usually contracted for at least 6 months. During that six months because you have gone on the market at an unachievable price you will probably get little to no interest, the agents will keep advising you to lower your price until you find that fast house buyers and your property will have dropped on average about 25%. So if in that 6-month period you do find a fast house buyer the sale in total could take up to 9 months and you would have been better off contacting Home House Buyers. There are other companies that offer a fast house buying service. A lot of these companies who claim to be a fast house buyer aren’t you they say they are, a lot of them are just brokers or lead gen companies who sell your data to other companies. These give companies like Home House Buyers a bad name because they don’t do what they say they are going to do and buy your house fast. Whereas we do exactly what we say and buy your property fast with our own funds in a timescale to suit you and WE PAY ALL THE FEES.

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So what are the Pro’s and Con’s of using Fast House Buyer?

Well, the pro’s are that we can offer you a guaranteed sale. Many people we speak to complain that they just aren’t getting the results that they expected on the open market at the moment.

In London house prices are rising by the month, which might seem like a positive thing however the average house price is over £400000. This may seem great, but the affordability is making it hard for people to get onto the ladder, ultimately slowing down the market. Outside of London, it’s a different story as there is a lack of buyers and slow markets. The result is the same, people can’t sell their houses. Another major pro is that when you use fast house buyers like ourselves we pay all the fees in the process. This includes Survey costs, Solicitors costs, the cost of an energy performance certificate saving you several thousands of pounds. Also when you use our service you will avoid paying estate agent fees which are normally set at anywhere up to £2000-3000.

If you live in London this figure can be as high as £10000, so you could be saving a small fortune. Timescales are another massive pro. We can offer you a sale within about two to three weeks. On the open market, the average time for a sale in a buoyant market is six months and in a slow market, this is years. So what are the cons? The main con is that if you do manage to sell it on the open market you can achieve a higher figure. If you have time on your hands we would suggest this option as you may be able to maximise your sale price.

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    Fast House Buyer time scales?

    So how long does a fast house buyer service take? The answer is a simple one, you can complete whenever you want (within reason). Most of our vendors have spent months on the open market so they want a quick sale. A quick house sale can be done in as little time as ten to fourteen days. You have up to three months to complete, so if you need to organise your next move still, then you just let us know when you want to complete.

    Many people think that the main reasons that people use fast house buyers are because they are getting repossessed. This isn’t always the case as we deal with people needing our services for relocation, financial difficulties, probate, divorce, stuck in a chain and ill health. So it doesn’t matter the reasons why you need to sell we will be able to help no matter the situation.

    As fast house buyers, we also can help you to sell commercial property fast! We buy all types of commercial units including shop, pubs, club, land, sites, warehouses, garages and offices. It doesn’t matter the size or the value as we will be able to buy your commercial property so just give us a call.

    You can call a member of our fast house buyer team anytime day or night on 0800 612 1366 or if you’re not able to make a call when you drop us an email here Email Us. All our offers are no obligation and are valid for a week.

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