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Colerain Quick House Sale

At Home House Buyers, we pride ourselves on being the number one cash buyer of domestic and commercial properties in the UK.

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Sell Your House Fast in Coleraine  

Have you Googled “Colerain quick house sale”? Do you need to sell your property fast but don’t know who to turn to? Consider your search over now that you’ve chanced upon Home House Buyers. At Home House Buyers, we pride ourselves on being the number one cash buyers of domestic and commercial properties in the UK. 

Whether you’re facing repossession of your home, handling a matter of probate, looking to emigrate, etc., if you need to sell your home fast, we can help. We buy any property in any location, regardless of size, condition, or age. You can expect to receive around 80-85% of the property’s market value, and we can have your property purchased in as little as seven days. And you choose the completion date! 

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Selling a property can be a stressful endeavour, and so often, it can be lengthy, too. Depending on your circumstances, your property could be floundering on the property market for months. In some cases, properties won’t sell, forcing property owners to start discounting the asking price. 

The good news is that we at Home House Buyers will never drive you down on price. The offer we make (usually received within 24 hours) is the amount you’ll receive at the end – no strings attached. And we always have the cash to buy your property, never tying our customers into lengthy contracts. 

With Home House Buyers, you have the comfort of knowing you’ve chosen the best Coleraine quick house sale specialists. To get started, phone us on 0808 501 5548.

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Looking to Sell Your House in Coleraine?

If you’re looking for a Colerain quick house sale service, just give us a call or request an offer through the contact form on our website. There are various reasons a person might want to sell their home fast. These reasons include: 

  • Probate 
  • Repossession 
  • Immigration 
  • Illness 
  • Divorce 

For instance, you might have been left a property in a loved one’s will. Understandably, you likely can’t support two properties unless you plan on selling your current property. Likewise, you might have gained property in a divorce, but with your available resources now halved, what was once an affordable home is now not so. 

You don’t have time to wait for your property to sell on the open market. So, we provide an excellent alternative to get your property shifted as quickly as possible. 

Home House Buyers – #1 Fast House Buyers in Coleraine

As the number one Colerain quick house sale specialists, we can buy your property in as little as seven days. You’ll receive our initial offer within just 24 hours, and from there, we’ll endeavour to complete the sale of your house as quickly as possible. 

The beauty of using our service is that you pay no fees whatsoever. Such fees can often be in the thousands of pounds, but we cover these fees on your behalf. We also charge no fees of our own. So, while you’ll receive less than what you would through an estate agent, the money and time saved more than makes up for this. 

We guarantee quick house sales for all our customers and provide a fast and transparent service from start to finish. And because we buy any property, regardless of location, size, or condition, you won’t need to worry about losing value or being stuck with a lemon you can’t shift. 

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    Secure the Best Offer and a Quick House Sale with a Home House Buyers’ Cash Offer

    Secure the best offer with our Colerain quick house sale service. While we don’t promise the full amount that you’d potentially receive on the property market, we offer convenience, speed, reliability, and crucially, stress- and hassle-free service. 

    And when you consider that we pay all your fees, too, it’s hard to argue that we offer excellent value for money. 

    Our Process: We Buy Your House for Cash

    Our Colerain quick house sale process couldn’t be simpler. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that customers can sell their properties as quickly as possible, as we know many will often be in a precarious position. This can often be regarding finances. For instance, time is of the essence if your property is about to be repossessed. 

    So, to get things started, all you need to do is call us and provide your property details. We’ll ask a series of questions and request a convenient time for us to come and view the property. We recognise that this isn’t always possible, however. The good news is that we can still provide you with an offer without seeing the property. 

    You’ll receive our cash offer within 24 hours with no obligation to accept. If you accept, you’ll be asked to sign a contract of sale. At this point, we’ll instruct our solicitors to begin the process, including scheduling a survey and EPC certification. Once everything has concluded on our end, we’ll inform you of our readiness to buy. 

    This will usually take around 7-14 days, and you can choose the date you’d like to complete the transaction. Once the day arrives, simply hand us the keys, and the solicitor will transfer the full amount into your bank account.

    Benefits of Hiring Fast House Buyers in Coleraine

    Now that we’ve discussed our service and what it entails, let’s move on to the benefits of using our Coleraine quick house sale service: 

    • Save Time and Money 
    • No Contracts 
    • No Chains or Estate Agents 
    • Protects the Seller 
    • Properties Bought As-is 

    With Home House Buyers, you save precious time and money. You won’t be saddled with fees and won’t have to worry about paying taxes or negotiating with another party. 

    In fact, there are no chains or estate agents to deal with. That means you won’t have to liaise with the buyer or deal with unreliable elements that can often cause a chain to break down. You’ll be fully protected, too. Once we buy the property, we assume full responsibility for it. 

    This is especially beneficial if the property faces repossession. Because we agree to buy the property outright for cash, we can even halt repossession on the day it’s due to occur. 

    And we buy all properties as-is – there’s no need to do any lengthy repair work, renovations, or remodelling. We’ll have the cash to buy your property upfront, and once we’re done, you’re free to walk away. 

    We’ll even help you get set up with your next place.

    The Only Fast House Buyers You Can Trust for Your Coleraine Quick House Sale

    If you’ve made it this far, you should be convinced that we’re the only fast house buyers you can trust in Coleraine. We buy all kinds of domestic properties, from flats and bungalows to townhouses, detached, and semi-detached abodes. 

    We also buy commercial properties. While we cannot guarantee the same speedy completion times for commercial properties, we’re still much faster than estate agents. In addition, our offers entail no obligations, and we even offer a cooling-off period of 14 days. 

    If you cancel during this period, you pay nothing. And if we must pull out for any reason, you also pay nothing. We only assign independent solicitors who act on your behalf – not ours. And we only use RICS-qualified surveyors for the survey portion of the transaction. 

    And as mentioned, we can even help with your onward move. For instance, we can assist with negotiations and help organise your removals. 

    As you can likely tell from everything you’ve read so far, we’re the Coleraine quick house sale company to call for a comprehensive, affordable service. 

    Contact Our Fast House Buyers in Coleraine   

    So, if you’re looking to sell your house fast for cash, look no further than Home House Buyers. We offer a trusted Coleraine quick house sale service that’s second-to-none. Regardless of your property’s age, size, condition, or location, we can purchase it within 7-14 days of you giving us the go-ahead. 

    We buy your house for cash, and we always have the cash ready to go, so there’s no waiting around and no lengthy contracts. Our team is always delighted to discuss our services and answer any questions or concerns our customers might have. So, regardless of your reasons for requesting a quick house sale, you can trust us to see the whole process through from start to finish. 

    For more information about our service, pick up the phone and call Home House Buyers today on 0800 612 1366. If you’d prefer to get in touch using a written method, email or fill out our online contact form. 

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