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Checklist for Selling Your House

Checklist for Selling Your House


Selling any house is a stressful time for any person, here are a few handy tips to selling your house and hopefully achieving a quick house sale. There are many factors which can affect a house sale and the main factor is your potential buyer overall impression. So you don’t want to lose that buyer, here are 5 simple tips to selling your house fast.

Make Sure Your House Is Clean and Clutter Free

When decluttering your property this gives the impression it is a lot bigger than it actually is, potential buyers want to see that you look after the house, so a good tidy round will give the impression that your house has been looked after. If your house is cleaned top to bottom with maybe a fresh lick of paint it will appear brand new and buyers will envisage themselves living there.

Make Your Home Smell Fresh

A funny smell can put any potential buyer off your house, it’s not always what they see in terms of clutter or cleanliness a bad pet smell or a bin that hasn’t been emptied. I would recommend remove any potential sources of bad odours such as pets, mould, cigarettes, cooking etc. Ventilate the property by opening the doors and windows, you could even spray some air freshener or use one of the home plugins. Be careful to not use fragrances that are overpowering this might be a sign that you have something to hide. This is one of our top tips to selling your house as fast as possible.


We would advise that any home improvements when selling a house are kept to a minimum, in terms of spending money. The obvious areas do need to be repaired ie carpets, torn curtains, leaky pipes, guttering, your garden will need to be tidied up and the grass cut. Also, any fixtures or fitting that need replacing should be replaced. Have a wander around the house and do a checklist of anything that a potential buyer might think “oh this is going to be too much work”.

Be Approachable

Be friendly and approachable when taking viewings around your house, don’t be overly friendly because that could signal desperation when it comes to selling your house. Try to be at hand for them to ask any questions about your property, but don’t be too close to them where they feel uncomfortable. Don’t go down the hard sell route, the house should sell its self. Private house sales are difficult because you have an emotional attachment to the property and won’t take kindly to any negative feedback.


Be prepared for some tricky questions, try to be the buyer and you would want to know any problems with the property in the regards to the structure, street environment, parking situations or any ongoing disputes with neighbours. Most of these questions may be an attempt to lower your asking price. Always be truthful and try to be positive about your property.


If you are struggling to sell your house fast and would like a no obligation cash offer don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help buy your house fast because we buy any type of house no matter what condition or location across the UK. We are one of the leading ethical private house sales companies around.





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