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Here At Home House Buyers, We are split down the middle on the idea of Britain leaving the EU (BrExit) so we thought we would get a team member from each side to discuss their views on the matter.

OUT – BrExit

BrExit = Freedom to make stronger trade deals with other nations.  

This is the main concern for most of those currently saying between staying in the EU and leaving. Our current trade deals done through the EU and we are seen to get good deals through strength in numbers. Many fear that if we leave we would then be at the back of the queue if we were to leave the EU. Will this really be the case? Iceland has just recently set up a free trade deal with china, so could we aim for something similar? We have the 5th largest economy in the world exporting items such as:

Machines, engines, pumps: US$63.9 billion (13.9% of total exports)

Gems, precious metals: $53 billion (11.5%)

Vehicles: $50.7 billion (11%)

Pharmaceuticals: $36 billion

Although we would be entering into the unknown this doesn’t necessary mean we get a bad deal we could end up better off.

BrExit = Freedom to spend UK resources presently through EU membership in the UK to the advantage of our citizens.

Currently, the EU membership is costing us 55 million pounds per day, which equates to about 18 billion per year. Could this be money better spent elsewhere? However, we get an instant rebate of 5 million pounds from the EU so our outlay works out at about 13 billion. This is the Tax payers money and even though the EU runs projects in the UK such as ones in Newcastle,but this is the tax payers money so shouldn’t we have the say?

BrExit = Freedom to control our national borders. Could a point system be on the way in?

Australia currently runs a system called the ‘Australia Skilled Immigration Points Calculator’ which you must pass all checks in order to be eligible for permanent residence. Each year, there is a list of required tradesman that the state needs in order to boost their workforce and increase the strength of their economy. If you don’t meet the requirements then you won’t get residency. Although in 2008 the UK introduced a points system, however, this doesn’t stop unskilled workers migrating across Europe that can freely enter the UK. 

BrExit = Freedom to restore Britain’s special legal system.

Currently, we have when it comes to making some decision such as those involving migration and immigration we are at the mercy of the powers in Brussels. It is estimated that anywhere from 15-50% of our laws are decided by the European union Read Here. Surely it would be better to be able to regulate our own laws?

BrExit = Freedom to deregulate the EU’s costly mass of laws.

Many of our current laws, rules and regulations are decided by the EU. Many industries are regulated which history has proven, isn’t good in the long run for business. Deregulated industries forces competition and like Germany proved after the second world war, it also helps to create a strong economy. 

BrExit = Freedom to regenerate Britain’s fisheries. 

Currently, our British fishing policy is determined by the political imperative of European integration. The objective is to create an EU fishing fleet catching EU fish in EU waters under an EU permit system controlled from Brussels. Breaking out of this could be beneficial to our own fishermen. Some feel the current EU fishing scheme is designed to fail. Leaving the EU mean that we could control the fish around our own shores and the current fishing limits set by the EU could be lifted. 

So those are our in house views from those in favour of leaving the EU, so now let’s hear from the other camp.

IN – BrExit

The reason why we have got to this point and have the opportunity to vote, to stay in or get out of the EU is because in the last general election David Cameron made a promise in his Conservative manifesto to hold an EU referendum.

The Conservative party has always been split on this matter and now it’s come to a head, David Cameron is now desperate to keep our place in Europe because of the benefits being in the EU brings to the UK.

The biggest fear with leaving the EU is the unknown, no country has ever left before, so no one can really predict the exact outcome. This isn’t to say many have tried to leave.

Membership Fee & Trade

This fee is to be a part of the EU and the benefits this brings such as free trade deals within the EU and elsewhere, at this moment in time the EU is in the middle of negotiating the biggest free-trade deal with the US which will massively benefit the UK, this will make the membership fee look like small change.

EU is a single market which we are a part of being a member lets us trade with all member state free of any taxes or tariffs, more than 50% of all UK trade is with EU countries. Our membership always allows us to have our say on how all trading laws are drawn up.

Britain risks losing some of that negotiating power by leaving the EU, but it would be free to establish its own trade agreements.

The BrExit campaigners use Norway as an example of how to survive outside the EU. This is all well and good but their trade deals which have been secured have taken decades to negotiate with worse deals than we have now. Norway is also bound by virtually all EU regulations, including the work time directive and almost anything and everything dreamed up by the EU with no say.

EU-sceptics are predicting that if we were to leave then Europe would make it hard for the UK to strike up any kind of decent trade deal to discourage any other tear away countries.


Leading up to the referendum investment into the UK will slow until the outcome has been decided, as it did with Scotland when they had their referendum.

This topic has opinions divided, pro EUs say the UKs standing of being the world’s biggest financial centre will be demoted if it is no longer seen as a gateway to Europe.

One of the big fears is that car manufacturers lessen production or worst case, end it all together in the UK. Vehicle trade between EU countries would not be tax-free, this was underlined by BMW to its UK employees of the significant benefit of EU membership. This will mean big European companies with UK-based business will move back into Europe which will cause tax revenues to drop, this is a big worry with banks that have their headquarters in the UK.

So what are your views? Who will get your vote? We would love to know your thoughts, just drop just an email to and let us know.

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