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Bradford housing market 2018

Bradford housing market 2018

Bradford housing market 2018

Are you trying to sell your house fast in Bradford, are you looking to put your house on the market or even if you are considering to buy a house then this is your one-stop shop for Bradford.

The average price for property in Bradford stood at £127,294 in February 2018. This is a fall of 0.52% in the last three months (since November 2017) and the rise of 0.82% since 12 months ago. In terms of property types, flats in Bradford sold for an average of £104,825 and terraced houses for £95,250. This is according to the current Zoopla estimates.

So how has Bradford been performing over the past year? Well, the values have actually gone up 1% according to Zoopla. Sales have been on the up for the Bradford sell house fast market with figure topping 3300 in 2017.

Although sales have been up slightly, the growth is still slow compared with the rest of the UK. According to the Telegraph, the sell house fast market in Bradford is one of the slowest along with Liverpool, read more here. Bradford isnt alone, with all ten of the UK’s slowest markets, been based in northern England or Scotland, so it seems things are definitely better down south. According to the Telegraph, ‘The property markets in Liverpool and Bradford are also among the country’s most sluggish. A quarter and a fifth of listings respectively are unsold after six months, according to HouseSimple’.

Bradford has received a lot of negative press over the past decade with rising crime and falling prices. Having been also labelled the ‘worst place to live in the UK‘ by the Independent what is Bradford doing to help the sell house fast market. Well, there has been a recent three million pound regeneration bid for some of the student accommodation in the city read more here. They are refinancing the 120 unit Malik student accommodation.

“Jerry’s vision in developing Malik Halls was excellent – the property was fully let off-plan due to its fantastic location.

“Cambridge & Counties was keen to be involved in a venture with such a strong track record and we are looking forward to more projects with Jerry in the future.”

Cambridge & Counties have a strong track record and we are looking forward to more projects.

Bradford has been on the verge of a full-scale regeneration since plans where put in back in 2003, see the full masterplan here. Parts have been carried out, however, nowhere near to the levels expected. We fear some developers may be deterred by the performance of some other developments in the city.

Malik halls should bring some much-needed regeneration to the area. Bradford has seen many proposed redevelopments over the past few years including a full-scale city redevelopment project see more here. Although the initial plans showed a full overhaul of Bradford it seems that many developers have failed to stump up the cash and the many projects were mothballed. Why? It’s not hard to see why people are nervous. Developments such as the urban splash regeneration of lister mills. A stunning project, however after the first flurry of initial sales the interest levels dropped. So much so that the second phase of the scheme hasn’t been fully completed. The velvet mill (second phane) has had some works completed but parts still lay derelict. Its part of the 2020 plan so the clock is ticking to see if they can drum up enough interest to see if they can finish the project. Sale prices at the mill have seen a drastic slump since the first sales crossed the line.

Apartment 409, a 1 bed in lister mill sold for 100k in 2005. That same flat failed to sell for £50000 in December of 2017, which is more than worrying. Even more so if you bought on an interest-only mortgage.

So if you are looking for a sell house fast Bradford service you might be waiting a while until the market pics back up.

On the positive side we have had a look at the average house prices in Bradford. The majority of sales in Bradford during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £129,647. The average house price in Leeds, West Yorkshire is £208546 for a house.  So close to a £80000 saving for an extra 30-minute drive.

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