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Our latest tip for one of the places to put your money is New Bermondsey. The area has undergone major regeneration thanks to a big push from Boris Johnson and his idea to turn the former run-down area into a vibrant an up and coming neighbour of its older brother Bermondsey.

Over the past few years, Bermondsey has gone from strength to strength with buyers flocking to for its central location, riverside walks and fantastic views.

Bermondsey is built up of the area, Bermondsey, South Bermondsey and now the newly named New Bermondsey. The home of the Millwall football ground has been long overdue a new lease of life and change has finally come with a fast track regeneration scheme things are starting to look up.

The new area sits between Peckham and Rotherhithe and it within walking distance of central London. Initially, the scheme was given a 12-year time scale, however, the fast track will see that timescale halved.

There will be a new overground to also help with the new commuters, the station is likely to be complete within the next two years. This will be located at the surrey canal triangle the 30-acre site will also house 2400 new homes.

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