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Ask Susan

Ask Susan are a quick house sale property buying company, who specialise in distributing potential vendors details to other property buying companies for a fee.

How much you can get?

  • Receive a Cash Offer within 24hrs
  • Completion date to suit you
  • We pay all fees
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Reviewed: Should You Sell Your House To Ask Susan For Fast Cash?

Ask Susan claim to help you find the best solution to sell your house by giving you an idea of how much your property is worth. They also claim to have 12 years experience in the industry and have a TEAM of experts at the ready to complete a sale in as little as 7 days. They actually sell your details to Sell Simple and National Property Trade Ltd.

Ask Susan claim they are “cash property buyers and we’re interested in all types of property in any condition and in any part of England and Wales. We can act quickly to buy your house and often complete with a matter of weeks or even days if that is what is required.” Where actually they are relying on a 3rd party to buy your property with any issues you might have. They also claim to be able to safeguard you from any quick house sale scams but ask yourself this question, how can they when they have no control over the purchase of your property?

Ask Susan understand the need for some vendors to complete their house sale quickly and that to complete a sale within a few months doesn’t work for some homeowners. They say their affiliates have the funding to complete any sale within a couple of weeks or even days.

How Their Process works

With Ask Susan their process starts off by either filling out an online enquiry form or picking up the phone and calling a member of their team. They will ask you some questions about the property, condition, history and location.

Once they have enough information about your property they will be able to process a no-obligation offer. If the offer is acceptable and you would like to accept the will do everything in their power to complete the purchase of your property within days.

The process of the sale isn’t explained on their website and should be asked on the phone and confirmed on email. Make sure you ask for a proof of funding and if it is their company buying the property before you agree to any sale.

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    Sales options and pricing

    Ask Susan claim to buy your house in as little as 7 days and it doesn’t matter about your situation they have a lot of experience in all types of vendors situations. They also claim to help you find a much-needed sale for your property. They don’t mention any percentage, they just state they will get you the best price. Which will be much less than the open market value of the property as they need to broker your property onto a genuine house buyer.

    Ask Susan don’t mention about paying for your fees during the process so make sure that you ask them anout this. they claim to be able to complete within 7 days but have no control of the sale.

    What are the positives of Ask Susan?

    Ask Susan may be able to broker a deal for your property and hopefully complete within 7 days.

    Ask Susan have some positive reviews on their own website.

    What are the negatives of Ask Susan?

    Ask Susan are very vague about who is actually buying your property and about their process. They also lead you to believe that it is Ask Susan that is actually buying your house, however, if you dig deeper you realise that it isn’t. They don’t cover your fees which is worrying and you should be very wary before signing up to anything with this company.

    We here always recommend giving them a call but they don’t provide a telephone number. We always as well as their company isn’t registered. This could be a cause for concern.

    Ask Susan has a few independent negative reviews online. Here are some of ASK SUSANS reviews.

    No response from my online enquiry – waste of time!! All the reviews on their website look good and that makes me suspicious.’

    ‘Quick email back, but made me laugh that they say on a blog on the site that you should be aware of those offering low offers. They came back with an offer £43k lower than the house Value. Now who’s the double bluffing scammer.’

    No response from online query.’


    Ask Susan could be an option for you if you are willing to risk selling your house to an online portal. They claim to buy your house but are actually selling your details on. They don’t cover your fees or pay market value. The lack of customer feedback or independent reviews is something to worried about. You would struggle to give them a call as there is no phone number on their website.

    Compare with Home House Buyers

    Pick up the phone give us a call for a genuine cash offer and we can talk you through the process. We can complete within 14 days and we pay all of the fees within the process 08006121366.

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