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Annual house price growth dropped

Annual house price growth dropped

Annual house price growth has dropped every month since August 2014

House prices are up slightly from March last year, however since last August the prices have been dropping month by month as annual growth seems to be slowing inflation is slowing the latest price index show.

Growth is now beginning to slow right down after inflation peaked. It has slowed down so much that last month was the smallest annual change in values over the last six months. Even in London the changes to stamp duty and mansion tax seems to have slowed the London market down.

Some predict that the general election is also slowing the market down as many are waiting for the results before they decide sell.

We here at Home House Buyers can look to offer you give you a cash offer on your property no matter whether prices are down in your area. We even buy run down properties and also properties that are classes as Non-Standard Construction, which most banks and buyers wouldn’t touch, It doesn’t scare me.

Even though annual house prices growth has dropped we can still help you sell your property in this tricky time. We can usually give you a cash offer on your property within 24-28 hours and all our offers are the price you will receive in your account on completion day. Most cash buying property companies say they will buy your property, but here at Home House Buyers we buy your property for cash. This mean we can guarantee you a completion date that suits you the vendor, not us the buyer. Doing this means as soon as you sign the contract you can start shopping for your new property and get on with your new life.

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